Budgeting is about taking control of your finances by making sure that you have enough money for your bills and knowing how much you have left to spend. We can all be guilty of not budgeting, particularly at expensive times of year like Christmas and birthdays. Spending more than your income can lead to debts, so having a budget will help you to deal with any shortfall before problems start.

  • Budgeting Planners

    Keeping a budget planner is an effective way of managing your money. Once you've created your plan, you can continue to use it every month, week or however you choose to budget.

    We've provided a draft budget planner in our Cost of Living booklet for you to write on to keep track of your money. Download it here


  • Credit Union Savings Schemes

    As well as affordable loan options, credit unions can help you budget for events and one-off spends; they also offer:

    • Savings schemes
    • Christmas Club

    Contact your Credit Union or Southway to find out about the options and how to get started.

  • Money Course

    If you want to improve your money skills, try our free Money Course online. You can complete the course at your own pace in stages or book to join a group session.


We offer help with budgeting. If you think you need some guidance, please contact us