Prices for bills like water, gas and electricity are rising and can account for a large portion of your household budget - but there are ways to minimise this expense.

  • Gas and Electricity Bills

    Despite a UK-wide energy crisis, our Energy Buddies are on hand to provide all Southway tenants with free and impartial advice, and are here to support you if you're struggling with your gas and electricity supply.

    The team can support you with any issues you may be having with your current supplier and check for any additional financial support that might be available to you. They'll also be able to see if you're eligible to be put on the Priority Services Register.

    We'll also help to keep your home warm by providing energy-saving advice and installing micro-adaptations to your home, such as LED lightbulbs

  • Warm Home Discount

    Check to see if you qualify for the £150 Warm Home Discount between October and March.

  • Winter Fuel Payments

    This is an automatic payment of between £100 and £300 made each November or December to help towards energy bills. If you think you might qualify but you haven't received it then visit here. The cut-off date is 31 March each year. 

  • Energy Hardship Funds

    Many of the big energy suppliers have their own charitable trusts and funds to support those struggling with fuel debt. To apply for support, you usually have to be an existing customer. Eligibility requirements vary. See below for some of the schemes available, or contact your supplier directly.

    British Gas offer grants whether they supply you or not. Check to see whether you meet the criteria here.

    EDF Energy Customer Support Fund is for customers only. For eligibility criteria, visit here.

    E.on Energy Fund is for their customers and also Sainsbury's Energy customers. For more information, please visit here

    Octopus Energy's Octo Assist Fund are there to support those struggling with their energy bills. Check to see if they could help you at here.

    Shell Energy have a Support Fund in place to help those customers struggling to pay their bills. To speak to an advisor and see if you would qualify, visit here

  • Water Bills

    There are many schemes available to help with the cost of water bills and any arrears. Whether you can reduce your water bill will depend on how you pay your water bill and your income.

    If you pay by water meter, you should:

    • Check if your supplier has any special tariffs that you could qualify for, if you feel that you're a low water user
    • Use all free water savings products available. Ask us for more information

    If you pay water rates, you should:

    Check if it would be cheaper to have a water meter fitted [but remember to speak to us first].

    If you're in arrears with your water bill, you should:

    • See if your supplier has a restart scheme or something similar.
  • WaterSure Scheme

    If you, or someone in your household, receives certain benefits or tax credits, and you live in a property with a water meter, there are government regulations to protect you.

    You qualify if: 

    • You have three or more children up to 19 years old in full time education who live with you, and for whom you claim Child Benefit, or
    • Someone in your household has a medical condition which means they use a lot of water.

    If this applies to you, you don't have to pay more than the domestic customer on a water meter, and could save money. Check this website for the average in your area.

  • United Utilities

    Back on Track

    Depending on your individual circumstances, your water bill could be capped at a lower amount for the year. To be eligible for the scheme, you'll need to provide details about your household income so United Utilities can assess how much you can afford to pay.

    Payment Matching

    If you need debt support, United Utilities Payment Matching scheme means that for every £1 you pay, they'll match it with £1 too, with our contribution increasing to £2 if you continue to make payments until your debt is cleared.

    Help to Pay

    United Utilities' Help to Pay scheme provides a bill discount for low income pensioners receiving Pension Credit.

    Trust Fund Helps customers experiencing severe hardship, including bankruptcy.

    For more information, visit here or call 0800 072 6765