A recent survey of Southway tenants revealed that 88% want to reduce the amount of carbon they produce each day and are interested to find new ways to do so.

This supports the reality that most of us now understand; that climate change could have worrying consequences for generations to come, and we must all change together to protect the future for our families.

At Southway we agree, and we have launched Low Carbon Living - Changing Together, our way of highlighting all the positive changes we are making, and are planning to make, over the coming years.

Like Manchester City Council, Southway is committed to becoming a zero-carbon organisation by 2038. But this is going to mean lots of changes in they way we work and how we build and manage homes.

But this is the challenge we face, and Southway is 100% committed to working with our staff and communities to help us all change together and tackle climate change.

Changing together to protect the future

View Southway's Zero Carbon Strategy here.