Leasehold information and assistance from explaining what a lease is to requesting a service.

  • What is a Leaseholder?
    • If you own a flat within the Southway area you are a Leaseholder.
    • This means that you bought the right to live in your property for a fixed number of years.
    • Southway retain the freehold interest, so we are your landlord.
    • Southway retains a legal duty to enforce your obligations under the lease and also maintain and repair the building your home is in and all shared areas, grounds and services.
    • If you are not sure if you are a leaseholder please contact us.
  • What is a Lease?
    • A lease is a private contract between the leaseholder and the owner of the building (Southway Housing Trust).
    • A lease describes your rights and responsibilities. You should familiarise yourself with its content.
    • If you have lost your lease we can provide you with a copy for a charge or you can contact the Land Registry.
  • Request a service

    You can now request a variety of services online:

    • Tell us you are subletting
    • Request an improvement or alteration
    • Tell us you want to sell
    • Report ASB or neighbour nuisance
    • Request a deed of postponement (extra borrowing)
    • Request a duplicate document
    • Book an appointment with a Southway Homes Officer
    • Give S20 (home Improvement) feedback
    • Update your personal details

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  • Further Lease help & information