Share your time and skills - and have the favour returned! - through our community Timebank or other volunteering opportunities.

  • Timebank

    Timebanking recognises that everyone has a skill to share, and that our communities are full of residents with an amazing mix of skills and knowledge that could really benefit others. It's free to join the Timebank; all you have to do is share a skill that you have and spend some time teaching it to others.

    Some perks of Timebanking include:

    • Everyone's time and skills are valued equally: if you give an hour teaching your skill, you can spend an hour learning a new skill from another member.
    • It's really flexible: you can give as much time as you like sharing your skill, and you don't have to commit to specific dates or times.
    • It's cashless: you don't have to pay to join or participate in Timebanking; the only cost is your time.

    If you'd like to learn more, you can contact, Maureen, on for more information, or contact us.

    You can also view our upcoming meetups on our events calendar.    

  • Volunteering

    Many of our community groups and services rely on the hard work and dedication of volunteers, and we are always grateful for the time and skills our volunteers bring. New volunteering opportunities frequently crop up across the year, mainly at our Quids In Food Clubs and Westcroft Community Centre, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest opportunities.

    For more information, or to volunteer, please contact us.