There are so many reasons why being online makes it easier to manage your money. It will help you to look for jobs, pay your rent, manage your benefits, use our online services and even proves useful for online shopping or using comparison sites to find good-value deals. We understand that the online world can be daunting, but we provide support to make it easier.

  • Looking for Wi-Fi?

    Cafes, shops, libraries and other public spaces often have free Wi-Fi. You can also access the internet at our head office or community centres.

    We have a free digital self-service area in our reception at Southern Gate and our staff can assist you with using the computer, should you need it.


  • Help with equipment

    We have a dedicated Digital Inclusion Officer at Southway who offers lots of services to make sure you have computer skills and access to the internet:

    Laptop loans

    We can lend you a laptop for free, for up to six months. Internet access is also provided in the form of a MiFi device, if you need it - contact us to apply

    Buying a computer

    Southway tenants can get a discount when buying a computer at Computer Recyclers - just contact us to find out more.

    Internet Savvy Courses

    The course can help you with:

    • Basic computer skills
    • Getting an email address
    • Advice on the best and cheapest equipment and internet deals
    • Searching online for jobs
    • Signing up to the Southway portal [so that you can book repairs and more online]
    • Using the internet to save money

    At the end of the course Southway will pay half the cost of a laptop, and can advise on the cheapest way to get online. Find our next course dates here

    Look out for courses across the local community centres - we usually share them on social media.

  • Our free Vodafone SIM deal for tenants

    Vodafone UK have supplied free SIM cards to Southway residents to help people stay connected with family, friends, public services, education and other services online. The SIMs began to be distributed in October 2022 as part of Vodafone's everyone.connected campaign to tackle digital exclusion. 

    What is the offer?

    The SIM cards will work in a mobile phone, tablet or dongle and provide 20GB of free mobile data (i.e access to the Internet) per month, as well as free calls and texts. 

    Don’t have a mobile phone? Don’t worry! We are offering MiFi devices to tenants who need them as a result of not having a phone.

    How to claim you FREE SIM

    If you are interested in receiving a FREE SIM please let us know by completing the Request Form below. 

    Alternatively, you can call 0161 448 4200 and ask for a referral for a free SIM card to be sent to the Digital Inclusion Officers, Joe and Essie.

    Claim your free SIM here

    Please enter your first name.
    Please enter your last name.
    Please enter your email address. (if you do not have an email, please leave blank).
    Please enter your Southway address.

    For more information about the scheme click here or Contact us

    Please note: Due to Christmas closures there will be delays in receiving SIMs that are requested from 22/12/2022.