You can not apply directly for a Southway home: you must go to the Manchester Move website.

Manchester Move is operated by the City Council and advertises ALL available housing association properties in Manchester. (You can tick/select which areas you would like to live in etc.)  

This website also covers private rented properties, shared ownership and other housing options in Manchester.

You can also find private rented, shared ownership and market rent properties here

For more information on applying for social housing, see our FAQs below.

  • I have applied via Manchester Move - what happens next?

    If you are already a Southway tenant, you must submit applications via the Manchester Move website. Once submitted, you will receive an email from Manchester Move to advise which housing association is dealing with your application.

    If Southway is selected to process your application, please see below for more details.

  • I have been allocated a housing association - what happens next?

    You will be given instructions on your email from Manchester Move of what to do next. This will inform you about which documents you need to submit to your selected housing association.

  • How do I submit my documents for my application to be validated?

    If Southway Housing is selected as your housing association, you can attach your documents to THIS FORM. Please attach ALL documents to the form (ideally in one single PDF.)

    OR drop them off at our reception or via post at:

    Southern Gate
    729 Princess Road
    M20 2LT

    Note: If you live locally but a different housing association has been selected to manage your application, you can still hand your documents in to our reception and we will pass them on to your chosen housing association. 

  • My documents have been sent to the housing association - what happens next?

    Southway Housing (or your selected housing association) will aim to validate and activate your application within 28 working days.

    You do not need to do anything during this period(even if longer than 28 working days)

    The housing association WILL be in touch once your application is has been processed and made live or if any further information or documents are required to prove your circumstances. 

    Please be aware: we/your selected housing association will back date your application to the date that all of your documents were received.

    This means that your queue date/priority is NOT delayed due to time taken to process your application.

  • What happens once my documents are processed and my application is complete?

    You will be notified via email when your application has been made live/validated.

    At this point you should be able to log-in and bid for properties on the Manchester Move website.  All applicants who are live/activated will be able to bid for properties via Manchester Move. New properties are added daily. To view all properties available during a bidding cycle, please log on to Manchester Move across a weekend or on a Monday.

  • How do I bid for a property?

    All bidding is done via Manchester Move.

    You can also download the Manchester Move bidding app for your mobile. 

  • More information about bidding/finding a new home

    Manchester Move deal with the entire bidding process and their website covers everything you need to know about the process. This website also covers private rented properties, shared ownership and other housing options in Manchester.

  • Purchasing or Exchanging