• Customer feedback

    For each contact we have with customers, we try to gain feedback. This months star rating (shown above) shows our overall rating and below are some direct quotes from customers:

    'the handling of my situation was excellent - Southway staff don't get enough recognition thank you' 

    'the service from Southway was first class thank you' 

    'very efficient. He got the job done quickly and knew what the problem was straight away.' 

    'Very efficient, clean and polite.' 

    'Waited for couple of weeks for appt taken time off work and waited in for someone to come and then to be told that will have to rebook not happy to be honest ' 

    'very poor repair this morning to bedroom door and quite rude and impatient' 

    'I was assured I would receive a call back before the end of day. I did not'

  • You Said We Did

    At Southway we work with a real focus on listening to, and taking action on, what tenants and residents are telling us.

    We have lots of ways that customers can provide feedback and make their views known to us; these range from our STAR survey where we ask all our tenants to let us know how we are doing, to groups and panels people can actively be involved in to help shape our services. This feedback is at the centre of all that we do. 

    Here are some of the recent ways in which we have put your ideas, feedback and needs into action:

    • Development

      You said

      For our new developments, community feedback is key. Last year, extended consultation with residents, councillors, Withington Civic Society and the Old Moat Age Friendly panel took place. A main concern was that there had been ‘extended antisocial behaviour occurring at St Christopher’s close’, a cul-de-sac street which backed on to our Minehead site.

      We did

      Our Minehead development - see more in our News - saw design changes, to create a footpath joining St Christopher’s near Dermot Murphy Close. Residents expressed support for this as it would ‘open up the area and prevent loitering and antisocial behaviour which had been occurring’. 

    • Customer Service and telephoning

      You said

      Call waiting times have improved over the past 12 months but there are periods when our customer hub gets extremely busy, so callers may be on hold for between 15 – 20 minutes. We understand this has caused frustration for some of you and has been a regular piece of feedback that we receive.

      We did

      We developed options for accessing services online and have recently launched our new website which allows tenants to book repairs, view rent statements, make  payments and access useful information relating to their tenancy agreement.

      We are also making improvements to our call queue messaging to better manage expectations.

      The new queue now provides a queue position and a message to indicate how busy we are. The queue also contains a mixture of 20 different songs, so you won’t have to listen to the same track repeatedly. Though a small change, we’ve had great feedback on this.

    • Neighbourhood

      You said

      Our STAR survey told us you could be more satisfied with your neighbourhood.

      We did

      A number of high profile projects have been independently recognised as best practice throughout the year. The Environment team are leading on Southway’s response to the sustainability and zero carbon challenges set out in the Greater Manchester Green Summit.

      For the second year running, we are really proud to say the green spaces we own, develop and maintain have been recognised by the Green Flag Award Scheme as one of the very best in the world. This places them among a record-breaking 1,883 UK parks and green spaces that have received this internationally recognised, prestigious mark of a quality park or green space.

      We manage 156 green spaces across Southway Manchester. The Green Flag site is Mottram Avenue. More than 1,000 people participated in our events programme throughout the year with our Halloween event as popular as ever.

      We also take our tree management role seriously, and replanted 49 trees in the year to replace the 48 trees that required removal.

    • Anti-Social Behaviour

      You said

      Satisfaction with confidence around our ASB action showed we could do more to inform tenants of what we do (STAR survey).

      We did

      Officers have completed the restructure of the trust’s ASB service, which is now delivered across the Hub, Community Services and Community Action teams. Satisfaction with confidence around our ASB action showed we could do more to inform tenants of what we do (STAR survey).

      Escalating youth nuisance and a lack of community confidence in the commitment of the statutory agencies to tackle ASB has emerged as a work priority this year.

      Over the past 12 months the Greater Manchester Police and Southway continue to work in a close partnership. This partnership working is increasingly important as resources across the public sector are limited. Criminals who are Southway tenants will face the prospect of eviction action by the trust. In Burnage we have worked
      with local residents, Councillors and police to secure injunctions on local youths who had been causing anti-social behaviour in the locality; as a result of these injunctions, the offenders have curtailed their behaviour.

      In Merseybank we have participated in community action events to challenge anti-social behaviour and offer support to local residents.

      Overall, we have been successful in taking legal action in seven enforcement cases this year.

    • Digital Services

      You Said

      We have various ways to help inform how we need to improve our digital service. From data analytics of our website and contact centre which tell us what information our tenants most need, to focus groups and surveys to understand more specific requirements.

      We Did

      We consulted with tenants through focus groups, email surveys and various other channels. We used this feedback to create a new website that is clear, easy to navigate and contains information that is most relevant to your needs. Our repairs booking system and personalised tenant portals allow you access to far more information than ever before and the opportunity to book repairs in just a few clicks. We are currently monitoring the success and satisfaction of this.

    • Quids in Food Clubs

      You Said

      Members of the clubs tell us regularly how much this service helps them and how they now feel more in control when it comes to feeding themselves and their families and also, managing their money better. The clubs are very popular and in high demand.

      We did

      We set up more clubs! We set up the Merseybank Club in Chorlton nearly three years ago and this was followed by the Westcroft Club in Burnage about a year later.

      There are now five Quids In Food Clubs across the Southway area enabling approximately 200 low income households to access £15 worth of food for £2.

    Look out for the You Said We Did logo, which we use to highlight these feedback and actions to you!

    You can read more examples of You Said We Did in our most recent Annual Report.


  • Tenants Annual Report

    We produce an Annual Report, detailing our performance and activity over the last year.

    Please use the links below to read these reports:

    Annual Report Video 2019

    Annual Report 2018
    Annual Report 2017
    Annual Report 2016
    Annual Report 2015
    Annual Report 2014


    From 2020 our Annual Reports are part of our Financial Annual Reports and can be found here.

  • Tenant Satisfaction (STAR) Survey Results

    Every two years we commission a tenant satisfaction survey, in line with Housemark's STAR guidance.

    The questionnaire is designed to include satisfaction questions for key areas of service such as repairs, staff contact, consultation and involvement opportunities, digital inclusion and dealing with anti-social behaviour.

    Overall we have seen fairly consistent high performance within our key service areas and are extremely pleased to have maintained these levels of satisfaction. There are, of course, areas where we want to improve and we are committed to working with our tenants and residents to do this.

    Here are the results:

    STAR Survey Results 2021

    STAR Survey Results 2018

    STAR Survey Results 2016

    STAR Survey Results 2014

  • Data Publishing

    Southway Housing Trust is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants and other funding.

    Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants and other funding from April 2020 (Beautiful South Fund from April 2019) to December 2023 are available as an Excel file here.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to Southway Housing Trust.


  • Transparency Reports
  • Complaints Documents and Self Assessment
  • Update for the week ending Friday 19 April

     Update for the week ending Friday 19 April


    We’re working hard to improve our repairs and customer services as we know this a top priority for tenants and we want to keep you updated on how we’re doing.

    We’ve invested in our teams who have been completing around 500 repairs a week at busy times.

    We know we still have work to do and we’re taking on more new staff to make sure we are in the best possible position to help you with your enquiries and carry out the repairs you need to your homes.

    Five new team members have started in the Hub this month and are undergoing training to take your calls very soon.

    Our extra resources will help us respond to your email enquiries too.

    We’ve also recently changed our repairs policy to reduce the timescales for carrying out urgent and routine repairs.

    We’ll be reporting on how we perform against these new repairs standards on a monthly basis, as well as our targets for answering your calls each week, You can see this information in our new-look visual reports above.

    Customer Hub:

    The key stats for the week 15-19 April:

    • Calls answered: 55% (up from 51% 8-12 April)
    • Average wait time: 22 minutes 02 seconds (down from 24 minutes 44 seconds)


    The key stats for March:

    • Urgent repairs: 64% completed in 5 working days (down from 75% in February)
    • Routine repairs: 81% completed in 20 working days (down from 89% in February)

    The target to attend urgent repairs is now 5 working days instead of 10. The target to attend routine repairs is now 20 working days instead of 40.