Our Board and Committee Members are volunteers from a range of diverse backgrounds. Some of these are Southway tenants, some are nominated by Manchester City Council, and some are independent members appointed to provide specific expertise. Appointments to the governance structure are skills-based, within a constituency-based membership framework. Our Executive Group puts the plans and strategies of the Southway Board into practice. This is all supported by the work of other tenant and resident groups like the Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Resident Consultative Group.

Below you can read about the members within our structure and their areas of responsibility. 

  • Our Boards

    Southway Housing Trust Parent Board

    Southway Housing Trust Parent Board has overall responsibility for Southway's direction and activities and for financial management, development and investment decisions. It sets Southway's vision and objectives, and establishes strategies and frameworks for the delivery of these. The Parent Board delegates powers and activities to its Committees, and sets the frameworks within which they must operate.

    Southway DevCo Board

    Southway DevCo Board is a subsidiary which carries out development activities.

    Southway Plus Board

    Southway Plus Board is a subsidiary that carries out commercial activities.

  • Our Committees

    People and Places Committee

    The People and Places Committee is the focus for monitoring delivery of our core affordable landlord services. It sets policies and scrutinises performance. This Committee is responsible for ensuring the Trust understands the impact the landlord service has on local communities. It will receive reports and feedback directly from tenant groups and consultations.

    Audit and Risk Committee

    The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing the audit, risk and control frameworks, including reviewing auditor reports and liaising with auditors, and scrutinising the response of officers. It advises and guides the Parent Board.

    Remuneration Committee

    The Remuneration Committee approves the pay of the Executive Directors and organises the appraisal of the Chief Executive.

  • Other Groups

    Click here for Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Resident Consultative Group information.

Meet our Members

In line with our chosen Code of Governance, declarations of interest are held on a register that’s reported annually to the Board. Our Declarations of Interest Register is available for anyone to see. To request a copy, please email governance@southwayhousing.co.uk.