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Give us your feedback and help Southway to improve its services. We often enter survey completers into a prize draw. Click here to take part in the latest.

Armchair Group

This is a group of tenants who respond to up to three Southway surveys a year via email.  Members of this group who reply to all surveys within the year are entered into a prize draw to win £25 worth of shopping vouchers.

Green Space Guardians 

Are you interested in improving your local green space? Would you like to be consulted about any future improvements to your local green space? If you have answered 'yes' to either of those questions, a Green Space Guardian is for you. For more information please contact the Environment Team on 0161 448 4200 or

Annual Events

Every year, Southway holds at least one Fun & Feedback event, to bring communities together and provide social activities for our tenants and their families. All tenants are invited to attend. Read Southway Stories (which is delivered straight to your door) or check out our Website/Facebook/Twitter to keep up to date with our events!