Many of our residents living with some form of disability have had their homes adapted with lifting or hoist equipment, to help them lead their lives more independently.

  • Lift inspections and servicing

    We take the safety of vulnerable tenants especially seriously. This includes carrying out safety inspections and servicing of lift and hoist equipment every six months. This allows us to detect and take care of any potential problems in good time. In accordance with your tenancy agreement, you must allow us access to your home to carry out these checks and ensure your safety. If reasonable access isn’t provided, then it may be necessary for us to take action.

    We will contact you well in advance of your equipment inspection and service, please keep your appointment and allow our engineers into your home to carry out your safety inspection.

    If you have any issues with your equipment, please call us on 0161 448 4200. A copy of Southway’s Lift Safety Policy is available our website.