Asbestos safety

Asbestos was a material commonly used in the construction industry from the 1950s to the 1990s which is now banned because there is a risk to health if its fibres are inhaled. Many older homes still contain Asbestos, which was often mixed with other building materials like cement or plaster - but it can only become a risk to your health if it becomes damaged or disturbed.

  • Asbestos safety precautions

    If your home was built after the year 2000, it is highly unlikely there will be any Asbestos present. Some older homes may still have materials that contain asbestos – but these are not dangerous if maintained in a good condition. However, materials that contain Asbestos can become dangerous if they are damaged, sanded, scrubbed, drilled or sawn. This could potentially release fibres into the air.

    • There are many places you could find asbestos in your home as it was commonly mixed with other materials. Examples include:
    • Insulation boards between wall partitions.
    • Flooring (PVC tiles).
    • Sprayed coating and textured paints on ceilings and walls (Artex).
    • Cement products like gutters, water tanks and rainwater pipes.
    • Roof tiles, panelling and exterior walls.

    We have access to a register of properties that may contain Asbestos. It is usually only a problem if it gets disturbed or damaged. If this happens or you are not sure, call us on 0161 448 4200 and we will check our register.

    • Do not disturb any damaged area or product that might contain Asbestos.
    • Do not dust, sweep or vacuum dirt or debris that might contain Asbestos.
    • Do not remove any material that you think contains Asbestos.

    If we do not have a record of asbestos in your home, we can arrange to have the material inspected by trained personnel, have it analysed and/or carry out a risk assessment.

    Before you carry out any work in your home, please seek permission from us in advance and we will check the Asbestos Register to see if there is any likelihood of materials containing asbestos in your home or the need for an asbestos survey.

    A copy of Southway’s Asbestos Management Policy is available on our website.