What is an emergency?

If your health and safety, or the security of your home, would be compromised by waiting for a repair, then we would consider it to be an emergency. We aim to attend all emergencies within 24 hours of them being reported.

The list below outlines what repairs we would treat as emergencies. If your repair is on the list, please call 0161 448 4200 immediately. 

  • Baths, Showers & Sinks

    The following only apply if someone at home has a medical condition that makes the bath or sink essential:

    • Bath blocked or no water from taps
    • Shower broken
    • Washbasin blocked or no water from taps
    • Kitchen sink blocked or no water in the taps
  • Burst or major leak
    • A burst or leak should at least fill a household bucket overnight (Please turn off the water)
    • Any burst, leak or water penetration that is affecting electrics (Please turn off electricity)
  • Doors (Outside) & Windows

    The following only apply if they make your home insecure;

    • Lock broken
    • Window broken
  • Drains & Waste

    Blocked drain (but only if sewage is coming up)

  • Electrics
    • Complete power failure (if nearby homes are affected also, please contact the electricity company instead)
    • Power off in part of the home (only if it is a danger to health or safety because it's needed for essential equipment like a stair lift or nebuliser)
    • Electrical fitting smoking or scorching (please also turn off the electricity)
    • Fire alarm in block of flats broken
  • Gas Leak

    If you can smell gas in your property, or suspect a leak, call 0800 111 999 immediately.

  • Heating/Water
    • No heating or hot water between October 1st and March 31st only - except in circumstances below;
    • No heating or hot water any time of year if you have a vulnerable person in your home, a young baby under 12 months old, or someone who is elderly or disabled
    • Heating system giving off fumes - call Cadent on 0800 111 999
    • No cold water (but check with neighbours to see if it affects other homes)
  • Lifts

    Any fault with lift

  • Locked Out

    Force entry and repair damage. You may have to pay for this repair. Please contact us.

  • House Fire

    We will check electricity wiring and gas pipe work if there has been a fire in your home. Don't use electricity or gas until this is done.

  • Toilet
    • Blocked toilet (but only if there isn't another toilet in your home)
    • Toilet is not flushing (but only if it is the only toilet and you are unable to flush it with a bucket of water as a temporary solution)