You can make DIY improvements, but you MUST get our written agreement first.
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Your Responsibilities

  • Repairs you are responsible for

    Repairs that we provide free, focus on the structure of your home, gas, electricity, plumbing and heating installations. Smaller jobs are your responsibility.

    If you are elderly or disabled we will consider you case individually.

    Examples of repairs you must do yourself


    • broken or missing plugs and chains for a basin or sink [SW]
    • faulty fittings (cookers/fridges/showers etc.) not installed by Southway
    • fixtures and fittings (coat hooks, curtains, curtain rails and washing lines etc.)
    • hairline cracks in plaster
    • internal decoration (paintwork and wallpaper) and floor coverings
    • loss of keys
    • relighting pilot lights [SW]
    • telephone points
    • TV aerials and sockets

    Note: If the repair is marked [SW] and the only people living in your home are elderly or disabled, we will do the repair.




  • Repairs you must pay for

    If you cause property damage on purpose or by neglect, you will have to pay for necessary repairs.

    You don't have to pay for fair wear and tear, or if the damage was caused by a crime that you have reported to the police.

    How would you pay? We will tell you how much it will cost before we do the work and make an agreement to pay in instalments. If you don't pay we may take legal action.

    Can you refuse to have the repair done? Only if there is no health and safety risk, and no further damage will be caused. You can also do the work yourself but we must give permission.