Southway's leading work and research regarding 'age friendly' homes and communities for south Manchester comes from our extensive and ongoing "Age Friendly Project".

In May 2012 Southway adopted an Age-friendly Strategy which sets out the priority actions we intend to take, with partners, to meet the needs and improve the quality of life of older people. The strategy is divided into six key themes which are:
  1. Age-friendly Organisation (including Age-friendly Employer)
  2. Specialist Housing
  3. Lifetime Homes and Adaptations
  4. Information
  5. Services
  6. Lifetime Neighbourhoods 
  • Age Friendly Project: Strategy and Plans

    Click below to download the Age Friendly Brochure and read more about our strategies:


    • Burnage - Age Friendly Project
      The ‘Age-Friendly Burnage’ project launched in 2016 after Burnage was chosen as one of the neighbourhoods included in the Ambition for Ageing Programme - a £10.2 million programme running across five years, funded by Big Lottery.
      We’ve since supported the creation of a resident-led board which meets every six weeks. One key role of the board is managing the funding given to Burnage that supports new projects designed by local older people. So far, the board has agreed £35k spend on age-friendly projects. Over 100 local people have benefitted from craft workshops, local history classes and a bereavement support project. The funding will last until 2020 and the Board always welcome new ideas for Burnage-based projects.
      We also did some research into identifying how age-friendly Burnage is looking at areas such as transport, social inclusion and housing, and we have now identified specific areas of improvement. These findings and recommendations have been compiled into a ‘Research Folio and Action Plan’ to make Burnage more age-friendly:
  • Age Friendly "Take a Seat" Campaign
    Southway's "Take a Seat" campaign is a highly successful initiative that came from our Age Friendly Project.
    The campaign aims to partner with local shops and business' so that those partners can provide a clear and friendly place to take a break for older people, whilst they are out and about in their community. The hope is that this allows for a more pleasant, accessible experience and a more open and friendly community for older people to enjoy.
    Due to the success of the campaign we have now expanded this scheme beyond south Manchester and partnered with other local authorities as well as the City Council, in order to help improve accessibility of local shopping areas and neighbourhoods.
    Below are template materials for all Age Friendly and Take a Seat Campaign partners: