The cost of living increase is leaving many of us that have just about managed in the past at risk of developing worrying debt problems.

There are things you can do, such as looking at ways to increase your income or reduce your living costs, and Southway’s Advice Services Team can support you with this).

If looking for work, our Employment Team runs events throughout the year, linking you to local job opportunities and providing help with applications and interviews. Our staff can perform benefit checks to see if you are getting all you are entitled to. And we are part of a campaign to increase take up of Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance.

Improve your money skills

You can now complete a free online Money Course, developed by Crosslight Advice, which can be accessed via Southway’s website. You can choose to do it either in your own time or by joining a live group session on set dates. The course provides ideas and resources to help you manage your money, including ways to increase your income and reduce household bills and spending. It also offers useful information on dealing with debt.

Find out more about the Money Course

Money-Saving Events

Look out for the ‘Reducing Living Costs’ events we are organising over the next few months offering advice on a range of money saving issues with activities such as ‘Cooking on a Budget’ demonstrations to help get you through the crisis. Our Energy Buddies will also be there to offer advice on reducing energy costs and tenants can make appointments with them to visit their home.

Find out more about Energy Buddies

Win a Slow Cooker!

Slow cookers are a very energy-efficient cooking method and so are an effective way of reducing fuel bills. Send us your top tip for saving money, and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a family-sized slow cooker. We have 3 to give away and we look forward to reading your suggestions.

Send your money-saving tips to Southway by email:

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Send them to us in a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Post them to the Advice Services Team, 729 Princess Rd, Didsbury, Manchester. M20 2LT

Or drop off them at Southway’s office reception. Mark all submissions as ‘Slow Cooker Prize’.


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