We’ve received £2 million of government funding to use to improve and decarbonise 1,112 Southway homes. The improvements will make homes more energy-efficient, which help to keep them warmer, as well as helping people living in them to save money on fuel bills.

What sort of improvements?

The improvements will include things like energy efficient heating systems, insulation measures, solar panels (solar PV) and low energy lighting. We will know more about which homes receive which upgrades when we've completed the Retrofit Assessments, which help us to understand the upgrades that will benefit the home the most.

Which homes are included?

The 1,112 homes selected are the Southway homes that are rated least thermally-efficient in the government’s EPC rating system.

What’s next?

We and our partners Cara EPS and Greener Solutions have contacted most of the homes selected to receive improvements via a letter or telephone phone. We’re now visiting homes too, starting in Burnage.

This leaflet has been posted to homes, explaining that our partners will be telephoning to arrange the Retrofit Assessment that we need to do before we start the work. If you’ve received this and you’re keen to book in your assessment, you can also call them:

Find out more

If you live in a home included in the programme and would like more information, please contact anyone listed on your letter or flyer.

If you're ever concerned about someone that says they work for, or with, Southway Housing Trust, ask to see Photo ID, which we and our partners will always carry. You can also contact our Customer Hub who will be able to check and reassure you about any callers.