• What is hoarding?
    Hoarding is defined by the NHS as “Excessively acquiring items that appear of little or no value and not being able to throw them away, resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter”.
    Compulsive hoarding can be a distressing and debilitating psychological condition, and since 2013 hoarding disorder has been recognised as a Mental Health condition.
  • How can Southway help?

    Our Community Support Team runs a project ‘Tidy Homes Tidy Minds’ which provides a specialist resource to identify and address properties affected by hoarding with the aim of making a real long term difference to the individual’s life. The approach equips individuals with skills and coping techniques to maintain their homes in the future alongside providing a better and safer living environment.

  • More details and contact

    For more details and to contact our hoarding specialist click here.

    To read more about our Tidy Homes, Tidy Minds scheme and Hoarding Service Offer; see our brochure.

  • Give us your feedback

    All feedback is used to assess and look at the ways that we can improve and monitor the Tidy Homes Tidy Minds service.

    Please note that no names will be attached to the feedback/photos.