Our Executive Group puts the plans and strategies of the Southway Board into practice.

  • Karen Mitchell - Chief Executive

    Karen Mitchell - Chief Executive

    Karen Mitchell Retirement.png

    Karen has been Chief Executive of Southway since the stock transfer in 2007, and is proud of the progress we have made in improving homes, services and opportunities in our neighbourhoods.

    As the head of an independent, community based organisation, Karen believes passionately in our vision, objectives and the Trust’s commitment to our residents and the wider community. This includes increasing the supply of new homes, profit for purpose initiatives, and innovation in areas where we lead the way - including our work to reduce loneliness amongst older people, as part of our Age Friendly Neighbourhoods Approach, and our Green and Zero Carbon Strategies.

  • Jane Gant - Strategic Director - People & Places

    Jane Gant - Strategic Director - People & Places


    Jane brings more than 25 years' experience working in housing to her role as Strategic Director of People and Places. She is currently responsible for the Landlord and Community Services at Southway.

    Jane has a real passion for South Manchester and the people who live there, and is committed to delivering excellent services.

  • Matt Roberts - Strategic Director – Property and Development

    Matt Roberts - Strategic Director – Property and Development

    Matt Roberts.jpeg

    Matt has been Strategic Director of Property and Development since December 2017, and has worked in Social Housing Asset Management for over 25 years, delivering many significant development and improvement programmes throughout his career.

    Matt firmly believes in the benefits that investing can have in maximising the social value of our properties and how, in turn, this can positively impact the lives of our residents and the local environment.

    As Strategic Director, Matt is keen to build upon our existing development strategy by increasing the supply of new affordable homes and developing new sources of income, all whilst continuing to provide affordable homes and excellent services to those who need them most.

  • David Clermont - Chief Financial Officer

    David Clermont - Chief Financial Officer


    David has been Chief Financial Officer since 2015. He joined Southway in 2008 as the Head of Finance, shortly after the housing stock was transferred from Manchester City Council, overseeing the delivery of the £100 million+ stock investment programme.

    David is a Chartered Accountant, with over 30 years' experience in social housing. Previously, he worked as an auditor in practice and at the Housing Corporation, the regulator of the sector, assessing the financial viability and regulatory compliance of housing associations.

    At Southway, David maintains our strong financial position, ensuring funds are available to finance future development projects, and preparing annual Business Plans and Budgets which assess the strategic priorities and the financial risks the organisation faces.

    David also has responsibility for Southway's Value for Money Strategy, in addition to continuing to deliver financial results and levels of community investment which see Southway well-placed in a range of sector benchmarks and VFM metrics.

  • Matthew Maouati - Head of Corporate Services

    Matthew Maouati - Head of Corporate Services


    Matthew has worked for Southway since the stock transfer in 2007. His remit includes managing the schedule and meetings for Southway's Board and Committee members, Data Protection, and Performance and Risk Management.

    Prior to joining the Executive Team, Matthew spent a number of years working in the Housing Management Services. He is passionate about our communities, committed to ensuring that Southway delivers a quality service, and always seeking out new and innovative approaches for Southway to advance and improve.