In this section you will find information about Domestic Abuse and the help that is available to victims.

  • How to recognise signs of Domestic Abuse

    There are different kinds of abuse, however it’s ultimately about the abuser having power and control over the victim.  The abuse often starts subtly and gets worse over time, so initially it may not be recognised as abuse.

    Some signs of Domestic Abuse are:

    • Being belittled or put down.
    • Being blamed for arguments and abuse.
    • Being isolated from family, friends and professionals.
    • Putting restrictions on movement i.e stopping you from attending college, work or visiting GP.
    • Accusations of flirting or having affairs.
    • Telling you what to wear, where you can go and who you can see.
    • Controlling your finances, not allowing you access to your own money, withholding money or telling you how to spend your money.
    • Monitoring your social media, emails, texts and phone calls.
    • Demanding to always know where you are, using GPS trackers or location services on mobile devices to track you.
    • Threatening to hurt or kill you.
    • Threats to kill themselves or children.
    • Destroy your belongings.
    • Physically abusing you by slapping, pushing, kicking, biting or strangling you.
    • Touching you in a way you don’t want to be touched.
    • Make unwanted sexual demands.
    • Pressuring you to have sexual intercourse.
    • Hurting you during sexual intercourse.
  • Making a stand against Domestic Abuse

    Homes should be a happy and safe place for us all, unfortunately, for anyone experiencing Domestic Abuse, this is far from reality. Home can be a distressing and dangerous place to be.

    As an organisation, we take Domestic Abuse seriously and want to deliver the best possible support, to any of our tenants, who are experiencing Domestic Abuse. We are also committed to holding perpetrators to account.

    Southway has signed up to the Chartered Institute Of Housing’s ‘Make a Stand Campaign’, to tackle domestic abuse.

  • How Southway Can Support You

    We can:

    • Offer appropriate advice and guidance
    • Provide housing options advice
    • Offer safety planning to improve your safety
    • Offer additional safety measures to help you feel safer in your home
    • Signpost and refer to specialist domestic abuse services
    • Complete Domestic Abuse Risk Indicator Check List and refer to The Domestic Abuse Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), where applicable
    • Offer a safe, confidential, inclusive, and non-judgemental space to disclose
    • Hold perpetrators to account


    How to contact us for help and support or report concerns relating to Domestic Abuse

    You can call our customer hub on 0161 448 4200 (8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday only)

    Or you can complete the form below which goes to the team. Once we receive your completed form we will make contact with you in 1 working day.  

    Domestic Abuse reporting form


  • Rehousing advice and options

    Social housing across Greater Manchester is subject to high demand, with a very limited provision to meet this demand. Consequently, waiting times to be rehoused are substantial.

    Southway and the local authority want to, where possible, keep individuals/families living safely in their current home.  However, we acknowledge that sometimes the risk may be too great to support this option.

    If you feel remaining in your current accommodation presents an immediate risk of harm, then you would need to consider accessing temporary accommodation via the local authority or refuge accommodation via Domestic Abuse Services.  

    Please contact Manchester City Council Housing Solutions Team on: 0161 234 4692 (9am-4.30pm) Out Of Hours/Emergency: 0161 234 5000 to explore your wider re-housing options.

    If you do not feel safe to remain in Manchester, then you can contact any other local authority homeless team and request a homeless assessment due to fleeing domestic abuse.

    If you are living within Manchester and have done so for the last 2 years and wish to be rehoused within Manchester, please register on Manchester Move and indicate Domestic Abuse as reason for moving.

    To obtain information on current housing demand and wait times, please visit Manchester Move.

  • Domestic Abuse Help & Support (Specialist Services)

    Refuge National Domestic Abuse Helpline

    Free and in confidence, 24-hours a day 0808 2000 247


    End The Fear – Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Support

    0161 636 7527 – Mon -Fri 10am-4pm



    Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA)Provides a specialist professional who works with victims of domestic abuse.

    Main office: 0161 234 5393 (10-12pm 1-3pm Mon-Fri)
    Team email:


    The Pankhurst Trust and Manchester Women’s Aid

    An organisation that ensures people suffering, or at risk of domestic violence and abuse, receive appropriate support.  They Deliver services from their base at the Pankhurst Centre:

    Contact 0161 660 7999 Mon-Fri 9.30am-7pm




    An organisation providing a service to Asian women suffering from domestic abuse.  They give victims a chance to get away from violent domestic abuse situations by providing an environment which is safe, culturally familiar. 

    0161 945 4187

    email us:


    Karma Nirvana - Working to end Honour Based Abuse in the UK.

    0800 5999 247


    Galop - UK’s LGBT+ anti-abuse charity, working with and for LGBT+ victims and survivors of interpersonal abuse and violence.0800 999 5428


    Respect Men’s Advice Line - Helpline for male victims of domestic abuse.

    0808 801 0327


    Sexual Assault Referral Centres SARCs and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs)

    Provide specialist tailored support to victims and survivors of sexual violence.

    St Mary’s Centre 24-hour helpline 0161 276 6515.


    National Stalking Helpline, Suzy Lamplugh Trust

    Open 09:30 - 16:00 Monday to Friday 0808 802 0300


    RespectProvide help for domestic violence perpetrators.

    0808 8024040


    Shelter in Manchester


    Other resources

    Here are some useful websites:

    FLOWS, which stands for Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors, is a legal support service, designed to help protect women against domestic abuse.

    Hestia Bright Sky is a safe, easy-to-use app and website that provides practical support and information about domestic abuse.

    Hollie Guard is a smartphone app that provides a personal alarm, deterrent, evidence catcher and more.

    Women's Aid - The Survivors Handbook

    Pankhurst Trust - Advice on helping children

    Pankhurst Trust - Children's and Young People's Services