We know Universal Credit can be hard to get your head around. Southway has been putting various solutions in place to help you understand this change.

We’ve asked Nadine Currie, our Universal Credit Officer, to share some easy steps to helping you get to grips with Universal Credit:

1. You need to make sure you have all the documents and information required before applying for Universal Credit.

If you have decided as part of your Universal Credit application you are going to confirm your identity online, you must provide one of the following for the online identity check: 

  • An EU Passport with photo ID
  • A Non EU Passport with photo ID
  • An identity card for EU
  • A residence permit
  • A permanent residence card
  • Biometric immigration documents
  • An immigration status document
  • A UK driving license with photo ID 

NB: If you do not have one of these documents to do the online identity check, don’t worry - you can make an appointment and JCP will work with you to verify your identification. 

2. You will need the following documents and information about yourself to complete the online Universal Credit application:

  • Proof of your address (an official letter from your bank or energy company)
  • A copy of your tenancy agreement (you can get a copy from Southway reception)
  • Details of current rent including service charges broken down separately
  • National insurance number
  • Bank account details for Universal Credit payments to be paid into
  • Details of any savings or capital investments including shares or property that you own
  • Details of any other income (income from an insurance plan or pension)
  • Details of how much you earn from work including any recent payslips
  • Details of any other benefits already received (e.g. PIP)
  • A current fit note (If you are transitioning from ESA or making a fresh claim for UC LCTW)
  • Full list of all health conditions (if you are transitioning from ESA or making a fresh claim for UC LCTW)
  • Your email address

NB: When you visit the job centre for your Universal Credit interview, you will need to your identification with you. The purpose of the interview is to check you are who you say you are. 

If you are a vulnerable tenant and are transitioning from ESA, or are not able to use a computer (not able to use email, Facebook, or other online programmes or you’re unable to use a smartphone, then contact the Job Centre Plus on 0800 328 5644 or Southway Housing on 0161 448 4200. You can get access to help to make your initial Universal credit application. 

Though Southway and JCP can help you with your initial claim, Universal credit is a digital benefit which means you need to interact with your JCP work coach through the Universal credit online journal. If you are not responding to communications through your online Universal Credit journal or your online to-do list, it could affect you benefit payments.

Southway is here to help you. Although we are not able to manage your Universal credit account for you, if you are worried about your claim, don't hesitate to contact our Advice team on 0161 448 4200.