Inspired by Our Communities: Shaping services around tenants

We’re always proud when we hear examples of Southway staff working together and going the extra mile to help shape services around residents who might need additional support.

A tenant who completed a mutual exchange recently found himself struggling with the integrated oven in his new home. Although he had a freestanding oven that he’d taken with him in the move from his previous property, it didn’t fit in the new kitchen.

The tenant struggles with extreme PTSD, and one of the things that helps him with this is cooking. Due to his poor mental health, the tenant kept cancelling his new tenancy visit, leaving Southway unaware of the oven situation and how it was affecting them.

“Never underestimate the small things that we take for granted, they can make the world of a difference to someone's life".

- Gemma, Southway Neighbourhood Officer

Neighbourhood Officer Gemma persisted in calling the tenant to discuss the cancellations and was able to speak to him in detail and gain an insight into his struggles with mental health and PTSD.

The tenant explained the oven situation and Gemma reassured him that she was there to provide help and support. The tenant then agreed to go ahead with the new tenancy visit and Gemma asked Neighbourhood Manager Catherine to accompany her. Catherine then arranged for Joiner Tony to come along to assess the kitchen.

Tony was able to assess the kitchen at the new tenancy visit and order a new partial kitchen to accommodate the freestanding oven. Joiner Liam, and Apprentice Joiner Alex, carried out the kitchen alterations the same day. Maintenance Supervisor Dave was then able to fit the oven the very next day.

The tenant let us know he was very grateful to everyone involved. He contacted Gemma to share with her that he had enjoyed a full English breakfast and was planning on making a roast dinner.

Gemma said the tenant had seemed “much brighter” and commented that it’s important to never underestimate the small things that we take for granted, they can make the world of a difference to someone's life.

You can learn more about how we're Inspired by Our Communities here.

Thanks to everyone involved - what a fantastic team effort.