About the event

Last week we celebrated the work of our volunteers at our Southway Volunteers Celebration Event, where we recognised and thanked our volunteers and shared news about community projects funded through our Beautiful South FundChef Exose, who volunteered at Southway as a young person from Chorlton, also shared his experiences volunteering. Attendees enjoyed dinner and we heard from various staff and volunteers about their work. Special recognitions were awarded to the following volunteers below.


Award Winners

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Bernie Ryan

The first award goes to a Bernie Ryan, who is part of a great team at one of our Quids In clubs. We’ve singled her out this year because of the other volunteering she has done in the community.

Bernie has been committed to Quids In since the club was established in 2015. Her commitment and enthusiasm never falter. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys all she does within the community.

Bernie also provides craft activities for the community and has held several themed events. Bernie spends hours dressing the shop window for all occasions and receives lots of comments of appreciation from passers-by. The latest activity was a Halloween Event where local people made witches hats and bats, and all things ghoulish! All attendees enjoyed a lovely buffet. It was a great success funded from the Beautiful South Fund.


June Hardy

June Hardy is a Quids In star! She worked through much of the pandemic and helped to ensure we could carry on running during a difficult time. June does a great job of serving members and taking payments as well as helping to set up for club each week and clearing up afterwards.

June knows what each of the members likes and is always looking to make sure we can cater for this as well as having time for a chat and kind word with them each week.

Whenever there are quieter moments, June will always find little jobs to do to help the Brookfield Quids In Club run smoothly. June, Brookfield would be lost without you. Thank you for everything.


Jonny Butcher

Johnny provides so much support to the centre and the Burnage community. He is perhaps best known for being such a delightful character to have around, with an infectious personality that adds to the homely, relaxed environment we work so hard to create.

Jonny will help out whenever asked, assisting with Quids In deliveries and setting the rooms up for service delivery. He shops for different food projects like Let’s Cook Together and generally looks out for when people may need a hand with things like carrying bags to cars.

Jonny is always a great advocate for Westcroft services when we are welcoming work partners to the centre for the first time. We all love Jonny, and so does Burnage community. We are lucky to have him in the team.


Leanne Thomason

Leanne Thomason has been a Quids In volunteer for almost four years and has been key, along with other volunteers, to helping improve the service to members and making the club a more sociable and supportive space. She has continued to increase the amount of responsibility she takes on and is now lead volunteer. 

Leanne is an expert in all things Burnage East Quids In, but what really makes Leanne special is the support she gives to others in her community, including Quids In members. She always takes time to listen, and if appropriate, advise. She is appreciated for her compassion and sense of humour. 

As well as her main Burnage East responsibilities, she has helped regularly at Old Moat, and does extra tasks like running prize draws for ad hoc items at Burnage East. Leanne also attends the centre for us if we need work done outside of our usual hours. If she thinks things are not working as they should she will always raise it and come up with alternative suggestions.

Many thanks for everything Leanne, it really wouldn’t be the same without you!


Maggie Walker

Maggie Walker has been part of many groups including her local tenant’s association. She's attended lots of meetings and events and always contributed, advised and supported others.

Maggie has always been caring, helpful and passionate about tenants getting the best offer possible. She has encouraged other tenants to come forward to volunteer and get involved at Southway and offered to let new volunteers shadow her.

Maggie, thank you for everything. Your commitment is amazing and so much appreciated.


Jake Whitehouse

Jake Whitehouse appeared just at the right time! Jake made the offer to volunteer at Southway when the first lockdown was announced, and he was amazing. He volunteered with Quids In almost every day of the week, every week of lockdown. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without him. Jake's commitment was amazing and very much appreciated.

Jake eventually went on to become a member of Southway Quids In staff filling a part-time temporary role. Jake has now left Southway after successfully pursuing full time employment. Jake will always be remembered and appreciated for the massive role he took on during the lockdown and the support he provided. Thank you.


A big thankyou to the work of all our volunteers and all who came along to the event. Award winners received a £20 gift voucher for a shop of their choice and all attendees received a giftbag to thank them for their hard work.


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

There are many opportunities to get involved with volunteering and on our various panels. As part of our event, we discussed the work of each group and thanked our volunteers for each. Read more by clicking on each tab below.

  • People and Places Committee

    The Committee focuses on monitoring the delivery of our core landlord services and scrutinises performance.  It’s responsible for making sure that the Trust understands the impact the landlord service has on its neighbourhoods.  There are five tenant members on the Committee. Two of those also sit on the Parent Board. Thankyou to:

    Memuna Bangura

    Michelle Duhaney

    Karlet Manning

    Jim Hutton

    Ursula Pabisch

  • Tenant Scrutiny Panel

    This group of tenants take an in depth look at our services and carry out interviews with staff and other tenants.  They look at reports, performance, and tenant satisfaction, and then make recommendations which they present to the People & Places Committee.  All the Panel work very hard and show real commitment. Thankyou to:

    Jean Ashbee

    Jean Holt

    Liam Murphy

    Dennis Powell

    Caz Kerr

    Maggie Walker

  • Tenant and Resident Groups

    These volunteers work together to improve their local areas and create a community spirit in their local neighbourhoods. These are our current groups:

    Arrowfield & Hough End Community Action Group

    Barlow Hall Neighbourhood Group

    Burnage North T & R A

    East Didsbury Community Group

    Merseybank Estate Group

  • Green Inspectors and Environmental Enthusiasts

    These volunteers take on responsibility for inspecting our green spaces and report back to the Environment Team to identify any issues. Some of our volunteers have been involved in one-off community activities such as nature walks. Many thanks to you all:

    Geniver Sweeney

    Mike Lever

    Councillor Dave Rawson

    Tess Ptonka

    Fiona Vincer

    William Brantingham

    Stuart Fraser

    Dee Lees

    Alison Shortt

    Councillor Gavin White

  • Quids In Volunteers

    We have lots of volunteers working across our 5 Quids In clubs and several volunteer drivers. These people make a significant contribution to Southway and its neighbourhoods.  Some of these volunteers, especially the drivers, enabled us to collect food donations and move food from club to club during the peak of the pandemic. This helped make sure our members got the best possible food offer during that time. The clubs would not run as efficiently without all our volunteers, and we appreciate all of the hard work, time and commitment they put in:

    June Hardy

    Caroline Hesford

    William Keenan

    Andrew Keogh

    Pat Kelsall

    Norman Lewis

    Bernie Ryan

    Sheila Lindley

    David Edwards

    Catherine Fox

    Claudine Bell

    Leanne Thomason

    Don Evans

    Lisa Pennington

    Caroline Fox

    Heidi Excell

    Helen Hawes

    Mary Ginty

    Eilise Hughes

    Rob King

    Alison Lewis

    Mark Longhill

    Peter Mumford

    Eleanor Patel

    Kathleen Ryder

    Christopher Ryder

    Eleanor Walker

    Colette Fairbrother

    Martin Watkins

    Di Conlan

    Jake Whitehouse

  • Westcroft Community Centre

    .  The Westcroft team should all take immense pride in how they have supported the service throughout the last 3 years but in particular the last 12 months. To go from a fairly blank timetable of activities to where we are now, again providing a wide range of vital services for our communities, having a full timetable, as many visitors as we have ever had, and all whilst maintaining that warm, welcoming, family feel to the space that we pride ourselves on is an achievement to take great satisfaction from. The team of volunteers carry out a wide range of roles at the centre, they are a vital support to so many people and have made a positive impact on so many lives it is hard to measure. Thank you all:

    Estelita Avilez

    Jonny Butcher

    Sheila Lindley

    Glennis Mitchell

    Helen Finch

    Alina Ali

    Catherine Fox

    David Edwards

  • Digital Champions

    These volunteers help our tenants to use computers and tablets and to get online and will also assist our Digital Inclusion Officer at events. Thankyou:

    Kevin Moores

    Elaine Okoro

    Naseam Pervez

  • Beautiful South Fund Decision Making Panel

    The Beautiful South Fund is a pot of money totalling £25k a year which is given out to support community projects in Southway areas. Groups, organisations and individuals can apply for grants of up to £2,500. The theme of the Fund is neighbourliness, and projects must benefit Southway tenants.  A group of volunteers form the Beautiful South Fund Decision Making Panel, and they consider all the applications received, with some support from Southway staff.  This is a great fund allowing community members to take the lead on events and activities in their neighbourhoods. Thankyou to our panel members:

    Jean Ashbee

    Najwa Hafid

    Glennis Mitchell

    Carol Haney

    Sue Ramsden

We welcome volunteer applications for all the groups above, and are particularly looking for tenant scrutiny panel members, board and committee, and our Beautiful South Fund Decision Making Panel.

If you would like to discuss volunteering, contact Maureen Ward. If you would like to discuss becoming a panel member, contact Matthew Maouati.