The past few months have been difficult for both parents and children, but remember; you aren't going through it alone.

Chariss Worthington, Tenancy Support Co-Ordinator for Southway’s Positive Parenting Scheme, offers her simple advice for parents in this article. If you would like individual help from Chariss and the team, contact us - we're here to help.

Your family home might seem like it’s functioning differently at the moment, with less structure to your days and a lack of normal routines and boundaries. It is important to remember that we all cope in different ways and that includes our children, who may be missing their extended family and friends. But there are also some real positive opportunities to connect with your family at this time. 

Maintain routines 

Children thrive on routines and boundaries that we as parents put in place. It is important to try keep some simple routines going in your family home, for example: 

  • Try keeping your wake up time, bed times and meal times the same every day
  • Try to maintain bath times and bed time stories each night 

Continuing to apply some consistency and simple routines will help and benefit the whole family. 

Keep calm through home schooling

A lot of us will be finding home schooling challenging, difficult and emotional. My advice is to try to stay calm, do what you can and have some fun with your children. Teachers will be working hard at home and at school preparing work for our children for when they return to school, to bring them back up to their educational standards.

We have put lots of links and resources for home schooling at the end of the page. 

Downtime is necessary too and we have plenty of advice and activities on our website and social media to help with this. 

You are stronger together 

Your children need your strength, your laughter, and your calmness right now. Enjoy your time together, make good memories and most of all have fun together. Though it may seem a small detail it’s a crucial one - give your children more cuddles, more one-on-one playtime and an extra dose of patience and forgiveness. 

Look after yourself 

On top of all this we as parents will have worries that our children won’t and don’t need to be aware of like bills, uncertainty of employment, and other money worries. Southway has lots of services in place to help you so don’t struggle on. Give us a call and see if we can help. 

'Just a quick email to once again say thank you Chariss, for the very significant advice and support you have given the family over an extended period, with brilliant results.”

Jennifer, Burnage

Contact us if you would like support with parenting from the team, or if you would like to join the Positive Parenting Group. We offer help with boundaries, arguments, positive discipline, understanding your child, rewards, keeping calm, and much more.


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