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  • Local Offer

    In Withington and Old Moat, in 2022/23, we commit to doing the following:

    • We will build and develop...


      9 Units, Mixed-Tenure; Affordable Rent & Shared Ownership

      • 5 x 3 Bed Homes for Shared Ownership
      • 4 x 2 Bed Cottage Flats for Affordable Rent

      Completion August 2019


      64 Units, Mixed Tenure Affordable Rent & Shared ownership.

      The development includes, age friendly living, independent living spaces, community café and treatment room.

      The properties consist of:

      • 10 x 2 Bed Homes for Shared Ownership House
      • 21 x Age Friendly, 2 Bed apartments for Shared Ownership
      • 6 x 1 Bed apartments for Affordable Rent
      • 27 x 2 Bed apartments for Affordable Rent

      Completion January 2021

      Mauldeth Road

      14 units for Social Rent

      • 6 x 1 bed Apartments
        8 x 2 bed Apartments

      Completion date anticipated early 2021

      Coming soon...

      • Discussions are currently underway to purchase a site in Withington
      • Proposals to develop age friendly accommodation at Withington Baths in the early stages
      • Planning achieved on-site at Francis Road. Purchase of site ongoing.
      • Potential to purchase & redevelop Minden Close - terms agreed to purchase from MCC with potential to develop for 2 houses.
      • Potential to provide bungalows at Rainford Avenue being progressed so planning can be submitted before March 2023.
    • We will provide these age friendly and support services...

      Old Moat Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

      Southway is working with local residents to create places for older people to meet and socialise.

      Coffee mornings are held once a fortnight on Thursdays 10-12 at St Christopher’s Church Hall.

      In addition there are monthly social and information events.

      Old Moat Peer Support Network

      The aim is to reduce loneliness and isolation and build a sense of neighbourliness and community by developing a network of trained older people acting as a Peer Support Network, who develop activities that create connections and improve wellbeing. We are looking for volunteers from Old Moat to become involved in the project. For more information please contact Cathy Ayrton.


      LINKAGES is a social prescribing scheme operating in Old Moat / Withington and the surrounding areas, in partnership with three local GP practices. It is focussed on helping people over 50 connect with local activities and support. For more information please contact Cathy Ayrton, c.ayrton@southwayhousing.co.uk Tel: 0161 448 4200.

      Hoarding Support Group

      We are in the process of setting up a hoarding support group at Withington Fire Station – more details will be confirmed soon.

      Peer Support Old Moat Coffee Mornings

      The coffee mornings alternate between St Christopher's and Minehead Café on a Thursday from 10:30am - 12noon every other week and are open to anyone over the age of 50 including non-Southway tenants.

      Minehead Café Coffee Morning 

      These coffee mornings happen each week on a Wednesday morning at 10:30am - 12noon in Minehead Cafe, and is open to anyone over the age of 50 including non-Southway tenants.

      Peer Support Old Moat Monthly Event

      These events fall around the middle of the month at St Christopher's Church, and the theme of the events are ideas provided by the Peer Support Network. These events are open to anyone over the age of 50 including non-Southway tenants.

      Minehead Cafe Card Making 

      This activity runs every week from 10:30am - 12noon in the Minehead Cafe and is led by a volunteer who has a background in card making. This session is open to anyone including non-Southway tenants.

      Minehead IT Support Sessions

      The original IT support sessions started in February 2022 for 8 weeks every fortnight, in the Minehead Cafe  and was ran by John Mulvenna. 

      Old Moaties Coffee and Activity Mornings 

      Old Moaties Coffee and Activity Mornings are resident and volunteer led. There are 2 sessions a month and are held at St Christopher's church hall. Thursdays from 10:30am - 12noon every other week and are open to anyone over the age of 50 including non-Southway tenants (supported by the Community Investment Team). Past sessions include: 

      • The Old Moaties Christmas party
      • Volunteers from the group are going to mystery shop the Take a Seat shops in Withington
      • Be MaNutrition session
    • We will address anti-social behaviour by...

      We work with GMP and other agencies to develop a plan to improve the neighbourhood

      With specialist services focussed around Easthope Close and Strathblane Close

      ASB Updates... 

      • Withington Library will hold  ASB surgery starting from Monday 6th March 3-5.30pm fortnightly. We will advertise in the community. 
      • No recent youth nuisance reports.
    • We will provide customer investment and community involvement...

      Cost of Living Event 

      with GMP and Cost of Living Event

      Friday 27 January 2023, 2-4pm

      Didsbury Mosque, 271 Burton Road, M20 2LA

      Open Streets Event with MCC

      Tuesday 25 October 2022, 12-2pm

      Strathblane and Easthope Close, Old Moat, M20 3FZ


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    Old Moat Trail Map

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  • Funding

    Do you have an idea that would make Withington an even greater place to live?

    The Beautiful South Fund is funding of up to £2,500 for any group or individual with an idea focussed around community projects, whether they are big or small, that help improve and bring people together within your neighbourhood. The theme of the fund is neighbourliness.

    Some community initiative ideas could include:

    • Improving green space
    • Funding local footy team
    • Coffee mornings
    • Neighbourly meet ups 

    Interested in applying?

    Download the Application Form here

    If completing the form within your web browser, select Print > Save as PDF. to save the completed form.

    Return it by email to Maureen Ward – m.ward@southwayhousing.co.uk

    Or contact 0161 448 4229 if you would like to request a paper application form.

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