Thank you to everyone who has responded to our survey about our website project, through which we want to improve our website and tenant portal and exploring the option of a mobile app.

You have already given us a lot of great feedback, and as your views are so important to this work we're inviting you to become more involved. 

We are going to be improving our website and tenant portal and exploring the option of a mobile app. It is important that we include tenants in this review and would like to hear from you if you want to be a part of this project. Please fill out the form, selecting the level of involvement that you can commit to over the next year…

To take part you must be one of our tenants. There will be different levels of involvement depending on what you can commit to, and these levels are below. If you are interested please complete the form and let us know which level you want to choose.  

Level 1: 

Whilst you can commit some time to the project, you would like to be involved at the point where conversations will take place about possible changes and ideas to improve the service, however you may not be able to attend regular meetings. You will be able to give a medium level of commitment, for example, attending in-person and online meetings, but always able to share feedback through surveys.   

Level 2: 

You will be involved in most stages of the project, attending in-person meetings, and will be consulted with about the existing tenant experience and the ideas and changes that may be implemented, discussing service standards and strategy. There will be a chance to scrutinise, influence and feedback on the decisions made. We will require a commitment to attend meetings both in person and online.