Find out more about the environmental services we offer and how we are improving green spaces.

We have a small team of staff dedicated to ensuring that our green spaces are well maintained, who continue to improve and who run a range of activities across the year that are free for people to attend. We work hard to ensure that we provide high quality green spaces for people to access and engage with.

We are eager to work with people to improve their green spaces. If this is something that you are interested in please contact our Environment Team.

  • Our environment aspirations

    Commit to quality
    Make a commitment to good quality green and open spaces at the highest level possible within Southway Housing Trust.

    Involve residents
    Encourage local residents of all ages to play an active role in deciding what the open spaces should be like, how they should be used and how they should be looked after.

    Know the bigger picture
    Take a strategic approach when planning and improving open spaces. Understand ownership.

    Maintain High standards
    Ensure that maintenance and long term care of green spaces are treated as essential.

    Make places feel safe
    Improve that character and design of places to change user behaviour and improve personal safety.

    Promote healthy living
    Encourage people to be more active by providing attractive and well maintained open spaces with a programme of lead activates through out the year.

    Prepare for climate change
    Provide increased protection for residents against flooding and heat waves through urban greening programmes.

  • Our award winning projects
  • Environmental events & news

    See our news page and events calendar for all our environment related news and events.

  • Pests

    As a result of Covid-19, our Pest Control contractor, Manchester City Council, has restricted access to their service. They will, however, provide treatment packs for home use to households struggling with pests in the home.

    These packs contain poisons which are milder than the professional treatments, but will prove effective until the service can resume or the pests are eradicated. The packs contain poison sachets to be placed inside tamper resistant bait boxes and are safe for general public use. You will be able to place the bait stations within your home following the health and safety advice provided on the product and an accompanying information leaflet.

    To request a pack, email with your name, address and a contact telephone number. You will then be sent an advisory leaflet and the terms and conditions of the service, to get an understanding of how to administer the treatment.

    Once you accept the terms and conditions, a delivery date for the treatment will be arranged.

    Please note: An adult of at least 18 years of age must be available to receive this delivery.

    For our latest updates and advice about Coronavirus, visit our Covid-19 advice and guidance page.

  • Solar panels

    Around one third of our properies benefit from solar panels, thanks to a funding scheme in 2014. Southway properties with roofs that have a good supply of sunlight, essential for good solar generation, received panels.

    Who maintains my solar panels?

    If you have solar panels, they are maintained by Solar Maintenance Services (SMS). SMS will get in touch with you if your solar panels need maintenance or repairs and make an appointment with you.

    Solar Maintenance Services are the only authorised and approved company working alongside Southway who have responsibility for the ongoing service and maintenance of the solar PV system at your property.

    The solar system on your roof is closely monitored by SMS and if your systems fails or there is a power loss, an alarm will be raised directly to SMS. They will then contact you to arrange an appointment to visit your home.

    It’s really important to allow SMS access to your property as soon as possible so they can get your solar system up and running safely and also ensure that you are not losing out on any of the free electricity it generates.

    If you are not available when they call you, please give them a call back on the number below or email them with a date and time you are available. They usually get back to you the same or next working day, so you will not be waiting long for a response.

    Solar Maintenance Services Ltd

    Contact number: 01228 26 70 26
    Email address: