If you pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or four weekly, your Christmas Rent Free Week this year is the week beginning 25th December.

What are Rent Free Weeks?

Southway tenants get two ‘rent free’ weeks per year. If you are a weekly, fortnightly or four weekly payer, and you are not in arrears, you will get a payment break on these weeks and if you pay by Direct Debit we will automatically reduce your payment. You don’t have to do anything!

Monthly payers are not affected as their 50 weeks payments are split equally across the 12 months. If you live outside the Southway core area, in Tameside, Cheshire East, or Macclesfield, your rent is already spread evenly over 52 weeks, so you don't receive Rent Free Weeks.

Many tenants have a very small amount of arrears, which could be cleared by either making a one-off payment or paying a small amount towards them each week.

If you’re in arrears and having difficulties paying your rent, or if you think you may have difficulties in the near future, please contact our Income Team on incomecollections@southwayhousing.co.uk who can help make arrangements and payment plans to manage any problems. Depending on your income, arrears can be repaid starting from as little as £3.70 a week. So please get in touch today if you are in difficulties.

You can also see our website for more information about our Advice and Income Services and Cost of Living support, including help with benefits, budgeting and support with food.