We are creating a list of tenants who are interested in becoming a Board or Committee member in the future. We will provide training, mentoring and support to give you the skills and confidence to apply for these roles when available vacancies come up.

What do the Board and committees do?

The Board is responsible for deciding what Southway does, setting budgets and policies, and holding senior staff responsible for their decisions. The People and Places Committee takes a more in-depth look at our landlord services, such as repairs and dealing with anti-social behaviour.

There are three tenants on the board and three on the committee; it is really important that the decisions taken are informed by real experiences of people living in our communities. There are also members from Manchester City Council and independent members who bring specific skills, such as financial knowledge to help the groups make the best decisions.

Memuna Bangura joined Southway’s Board in 2013 and became Chair of the People and Places Committee in 2016.

Memuna Bangura 2.jpg

She says:

When I joined the Board I had legal training and was volunteering at a Citizens Advice Bureau, but I had never done this kind of leadership role before. I completed the Institute of Leadership and Management Board Members Programme in 2014, which gave me more confidence in my role and I think this really helped me when I started chairing meetings. I did a qualification with the Chartered Institute of Housing, looking at policy issues affecting social housing and how social housing management works. Matthew, the Head of Governance, was really helpful, giving me advice on my essays for example. The knowledge I gained helped me when I applied for a job at another housing association, so much so that I got the job.

Memuna Bangura

If you want to know more about becoming a Board or Committee member in the future,  please get in touch with the Governance Officer at governance@southwayhousing.co.uk or on 0161 448 4200