Being involved in a Committee or Board can be a valuable and rewarding experience. It may feel like a big thing to take on, especially if you haven’t done anything so formal before; so we’ve thought about how we can make volunteering even more worthwhile and accessible for people.

We are looking to offer a full, fully-funded training programme for those who are interested in our Board and Committee roles that would also be useful to people in other aspects of life, including in employment.

There is a time commitment to these roles - around a day a month for a Board member and a day every 3 months for Committees, including meetings. But if you are interested in how we’re run, and how we make decisions about policies, service standards, and spending our resources, being involved in a Committee or Board means you can make a real impact as you have decision-making power; and the training and skills you will gain will broaden your experience and can really enhance your CV.

Memuna, who is one of our longstanding tenant Board Members, has through her involvement at Southway gained the skills, experience and qualifications to obtain a full time position in housing.

If you’re interested in the programme and would like further information, contact Matthew Maouati for an initial conversation.