Anti-social behaviour, though initiated by a minority of residents, can divide and disrupt communities and lives. But recent complaints in Chorlton lead to a proactive partnership which quickly delivered results for the wider area.

Fifteen individuals and groups from the Merseybank area, which included residents, agencies and councillors, reported anti-social behaviour by a group of local youths.

With the information provided, we were able to take action in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council. As a result:

ASB image.png

This was a large case with real impact. We have now seen a decline in the reports of ASB coming through, not just around Merseybank but the wider Chorlton estate.

This was made possible because of the number of reports and detail of records kept by local people, so thank you to everyone who was involved.

If you are experiencing ASB in your area, please make sure you report it without delay. You can report ASB on our website, over the phone, or on social media. Your reports can remain anonymous. If the ASB puts you in immediate danger, call the police on 999.