We understand many of our tenants are especially anxious about the effect Covid19 on their financial security. Although it may be daunting, by telling us that you’re struggling we can put support in place to get you back on your feet.

Tenant Nicole* began to struggle when her Housing Benefit payments were stopped. As her rent account began to fall into arrears, she grew anxious and avoided all contact from Southway. This lack of communication worried Our Rent Officer Claire, who messaged Nicole to offer her help. Initially, her anxiety prevented Nicole from engaging with Claire. Once she did engage, however, Nicole found that she had nothing to fear.

Once I got through to her and assured her I was there to help, she started to communicate with me through text, and WhatsApp. I would agree to call her a convenient time for her.

Claire Payne, Southway Rent Officer

This has had a positive knock-on effect which has helped Nicole in other, maybe unexpected ways; her arrears had previously prevented her from bidding for rehousing on Manchester Move, a barrier the repayment plan has removed. Not only that, but Nicole's experience with Claire has made her more confident to contact her other debtors to make arrangements with them.

She feels she is getting out of a very dark place, where she has been in for quite some time.

Claire Payne, Southway Rent Officer

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If, like Nicole, you are worried about your rent, debt, benefits or anything else, please get in touch. Although it may feel daunting, our Rent Officers and Advice Team are here to support you, whatever your situation. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

You can find out more about our support services here. If Covid19 has affected your financial situation, you can find out what support is available here.

*Tenant's name has been changed