The 18th - 24th January is Big Energy Saving Week and we want to share how small changes can make a big difference!

Led by Citizens Advice, Big Energy Saving Week is about sharing how small adjustments to our lifestyles can help us use less energy and save money in the process. The week also brings attention to where we can get support with our energy costs if we need it.

To get involved, we’ve put together the 5 easiest ways you can save energy and how much these changes could save you across the year!* 

1. Turn it off

One of the easiest ways to save energy is by turning off the electricity whenever we aren’t using it. Whether it’s the bathroom light after our shower or the TV before bed, switching lights and appliances off properly (instead of leaving them on standby) is a really small adjustment to make and, best of all, could help us to save around £44 a year.

2. Cut the tap

A similar change we can make is to be more savvy about how much water we use. Using a washing up bowl in the sink for our dishes and shortening our daily showers but just a minute can help us to save up to £111. We can save even more on top of this by turning the tap off when shaving or brushing our teeth!

3. Let there be (LED) light!

This one takes a little bit of effort at first, but winds up paying for itself! Replacing standard light-bulbs with LED ones throughout our homes could save roughly £35 a year on our energy bill. This means that we can still save money whilst keeping our homes lit during the dark winter nights.

4. Take control of the heating

Turning the thermostat down by just one degree could cut around 10% from our energy bills, meaning savings of about £68 per year (based on the average household’s energy spend).** However, a cold home can have negative effects on our health, so we should make sure our home is warm enough that we feel well and comfortable.

5. Change energy supplier

This is another option where a bit of work at first can help us to save effortlessly throughout the year. By comparing energy suppliers and their costs, we can find the cheapest provider for our home, ensuring we don’t overspend on gas or electricity. Citizens Advice have even provided an energy price comparison tool, where we can find which supplier can offer the best price.

Find out more

By following these five tips, you can start making small, manageable adjustments and save up some extra cash. If you’d like more advice on how to lower your energy bills, check out the Big Energy Savings Week guide on 20 ways to save. You can also visit Citizens Advice's website to find out about additional support with your bills.

Remember, if are worried and anxious about money, we’re here to help. Contact us to make an appointment with our Advice Team for support with debt, bills, welfare benefits and more.


*Figures listed taken from Citizens Advice

**Figure from Money Advice Service