As part of our drive to improve services for tenants, we’re trialling a quicker way of carrying out repairs 

This started on 24th June and will continue until 5th July, and will be for non-emergency gas repairs only. 

During this time if you need a non-emergency gas repair, instead of booking an appointment, we will ask if you or a family member can wait at home for the next available operative to come out and complete the job. This might be later in the day that you contact us or we may ask you to be available the day after. 

We already work like this for emergency repairs and believe the trial on non-emergency gas repairs will help us to be more productive, reduce time wasted where a job is cancelled, or we can’t access a property. It will also mean operatives can stay at a repair for longer if they need to, and get the job done so that they don't have to return for follow-on work 

We want to see how this works and welcome your feedback. We appreciate that this won’t suit everyone because of other commitments you may have so if you don’t want to use this trial system that is fine, we will offer you an appointment after 5th July, when the trial is due to end. 

Please note: 

For all customers that already had a non-emergency appointment booked during the time this trial is taking place we will still attend that appointment as previously agreed. You do not need to contact us to check this with us. 

This trial has now ended.