On Saturday 20th February we are launched the 2021 STAR survey. Please look out for an email and letter from the third party company ARP who are conducting it this year. It will contain the survey and instructions.

You can also complete the survey here.

We would really appreciate if you could take the time to respond to this survey. We're keen to hear the views of as many Southway tenants as possible. It’s important to us that the results reflect the diversity of our customers and their experiences.

What is STAR?

STAR is the Survey of Tenants and Residents – a questionnaire designed to measure housing association tenant satisfaction, developed and promoted by HouseMark. Every two years we commission this survey in line with Housemark's guidance.

What questions are involved?

The survey includes satisfaction questions for key areas of service, such as repairs, staff contact, consultation and involvement opportunities, digital inclusion and dealing with anti-social behaviour. There are also more general questions on your relationship and experiences with us as your landlord. This year, there will be some additional questions relating to the pandemic.

The STAR Survey it is a huge opportunity to have our say on how we have done in your experience over the past two years.

What happens with the results?

The results of the STAR survey are one of the most important pieces of information that we use to make decisions at Southway. We take your views and opinions very seriously, and use them to design and shape our services, policies and procedures, for the next two years and beyond.

We are always transparent with the results and what we plan to do as a consequence of them. We publish the results summary and conclusions online and in our tenant newsletter so that you can see how we have done and how this compares with previous surveys.

How to complete STAR

This year our STAR Survey will be conducted by a third party company called ARP. We always use third parties; it is one of the ways that we keep results anonymous.

ARP will be getting in touch with all Southway tenants from tomorrow (Saturday 20th February), by email, with instructions on how to complete the survey online.

If you do not want to complete the survey online, as a second option you can fill in a paper copy of the survey and post it back to us for free. We post this out to you.

To make sure that we reduce waste, we are sending the online survey first. This means that when we then send out the paper hard copy of the STAR survey it won’t go out to anyone who has already completed it online.

What do I need to do?

Simply follow the instructions in your email or letter from ARP or complete the survey here.

If you have any further questions that are not answered by this email, please contact us.

Thank you for your time!