As of Wednesday 8th February, our normal repairs service has resumed, meaning you can contact us to book all routine appointments again. Thank you for your patience and consideration toward our staff, who have been working through a backlog since we experienced the severe cold weather in December. 

Please be aware that some trades will not have appointments available immediately. Many will have appointments from March, but electrical, gas and plumbing appointments will only be available from early April. We're doing everything we can to reduce these waiting times and appreciate your continued understanding. 

How to book appointments 

Our phone lines are busy and so it's extremely helpful to us when people who can, use our online services. If you don't have an emergency or urgent repair, here are the routes through which you can book repairs that don't involve waiting on the phone: 

Tenant Portal 

Log in to your MySouthway Tenant Portal account, click Report a Repair, and complete the form. This is quick and easy, and you can let us know your availability. 

Social Media 

Send a direct message to any of our social media profiles - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - to book your repair with a Hub advisor, who will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Visit the Contact Us page on our website for all the ways you can get in touch. 

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