The 16th - 22nd of September is Gas Safety Week, an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness of gas safety in our homes.

Most homes across the country - and much of the world - include gas appliances, such as ovens and boilers. When they function normally, these appliances are vital parts of our homes and help to keep our families warm and fed. If they aren't working properly, however, gas appliances can be a very serious risk to our health; a faulty appliance could cause a gas leak, putting us in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and create a fire risk.

Gas Safety Week aims to promote awareness of the risks caused by faulty gas appliances and provide us with the knowledge needed to keep ourselves, homes and families safe, all year round. In recognition of this, we spoke to Warren, one of our heating engineers, for advice on gas safety. You may have met Warren, as he regularly completes gas servicing appointments, in which our Gas Team check all of our properties' gas supplies every year. By doing this, we can ensure all of our homes are safe places to live. You can check out Warren's advice in the video below!