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The Regulator of Social Housing is consulting with all housing associations and tenants on new consumer standards. 

We're holding another Tenant Voice event on Saturday 16th September, where you're invited to learn more and give your feedback to help us shape these important changes. 

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In July, the Social Housing (Regulation) Act (2023) was passed by Parliament. This new law gives the Housing Regulator more powers to challenge social housing landlords who are providing an unsatisfactory service, and it gives tenants living in unsafe homes more support. 

There are other changes, but the main focus is that landlords listen to their tenants, take their views into account, and provide better services and standards. 

As a community-focused organisation, at Southway, we welcome these upcoming changes, and they fit well with our vision and priorities.

What is Southway doing, and how can I get involved?

On the 17th June, we held our first Tenant Voice event at our office, Southern Gate. The event was really well attended, with tenants giving us valuable feedback on how we can improve our services. 

We'll be holding a second Tenant Voice event at our office between 10am-1pm on Saturday 16th September, with lunch provided for all attendees.

The event will be hosted by senior members of staff, including Southway's Chief Executive, Karen Mitchell, and will include:

  • An update on the priorities raised by tenants at the June event - what we've done so far, and what we have planned
  • A chance to comment on the new Consumer Standards and what you think Southway need to do to comply
  • A discussion on what Southway can do to get more tenants involved in making decisions that affect them
  • A workshop on how we can deliver services so they meet the individual needs of all tenants.

If you'd like to attend, please contact our Governance team at by 3pm on Friday 25th September to check whether we have any spaces availble.

We look forward to seeing you there!