Last month, we welcomed a new addition to our Green Space on Leeswood Avenue in Chorlton: a brand new sculpture.

Carved from single block of oak, the wooden statue depicts an Edwardian woman carrying a large carpet bag in one hand and holding a baby to her chest with the other. She is dressed for a long journey and posed as if waiting for a train, perfectly epitomising her title of ‘The Female Passenger.’

On a sunny September afternoon, we celebrated the Female Passenger’s arrival at the Green Space by joining with local school children, families and Councillors Joanna Midgley, Mandie Shilton Godwin and Dave Rawson for a big community decorating event. Led by the statue’s creator, Phil Bews, and our Urban Ranger Debbie, the event was an opportunity for people in the area to get creative and personalise a piece of art for the whole community.

Using pins, keys, nails, buttons, trinkets and flowers, the group worked throughout the afternoon to decorate the Female Passenger, giving her some new earrings, an intricately decorated carpet bag, a leaf-printed coat and much more.

The afternoon was well-received by everyone involved and, despite the heat of the day, everyone worked enthusiastically to complete their decorations and truly welcome the Female Passenger to the community Green Space.

IMAGEcllrs smiling.JPG
image pose1 all standing2.JPG (1)
karen and phil.JPG
jeff karen and phil.JPG
IMAGEsmall children.JPG
Mum and child.JPG

The Female Passenger is the second statue to be installed on Leeswood Avenue, joining another of Phil’s creations, the Station Master. Affectionately, nicknamed ‘Willy’, the Station Master is carved from the same oak tree as the Female Passenger and, we’re certain, will be an excellent companion to the Green Space’s newest arrival.

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