We are creating our first ever new woodland on Wintermans Road on the Arrowfield Estate and we are very excited about the project!

We have big plans to make Arrowfield our first Low Carbon neighbourhood and the new woodland will contribute to our wider plans for the area.

  • Why trees?

    ■ Green spaces with trees improve resilience to climate change and help to reduce global warming. Trees store carbon by removing some of the CO2 from the air.

    ■ Trees help to reduce air pollution and reduce the risk of flooding.

    ■ Trees are a valuable resource for wildlife and help connect us to nature, which is beneficial to our mental health.

  • Why a woodland?

    A woodland is much more than a group of trees - it is made up of layers of different types of plants that provide a diverse variety of wildlife habitats.

  • How to turn a grassy space into a woodland

    You can’t rush a woodland. Trees and shrubs take time to grow. But we knew a few ways to help to speed things along. We chose a site which already had some large, mature trees and added young specimens to that area. We planted native species because these are most beneficial to wildlife.

    Before planting woodland shrubs and flowers, you need to change the ground because they will not grow well in grass, so we removed the grass with a lot of weed control fabric and wood chip. Once the grass had gone, we planted young trees and shrubs in the newly bare earth and also started to get the ground ready for woodland plants.

    Bluebells and wild garlic will be going in soon. Preparation for a path has also started. The view into the adjacent cemetery was screened using natural materials, including a new hedgerow.

    Where it was too shady for plants to grow, we used branches and twigs to create a ‘dead hedge’ for invertebrates to live in. The birds and bugs are loving our new woodland and we are looking forward to welcoming more wildlife this year

  • There is a lot going on. Would you like to get involved in this project?

    We would like to invite adults and families with children to help us create this woodland. You will be able to build homes for wildlife and help us with removing weeds and planting.

If you would like to would like to get involved or find out more, please contact Debbie Wallace, Urban Ranger in our Environmental Team d.wallace@southwayhousing.co.uk