Vodafone connect with Southway:  FREE SIM offer to our residents

We are excited to announce that we are part of a new digital inclusion pilot programme. We have teamed up with Vodafone to give digital support to our residents, and work together to gain a deeper understanding of the digital issues across our communities.

The pilot was announced at this year’s Connected Britain Conference by The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burham who spoke about the need for digital inclusion in our communities.

We estimate up to 60% of social housing residents in Greater Manchester face levels of digital exclusion. I firmly believe that digital connectivity should be recognised as a basic human right – and treated as a utility like water, gas, and electricity. By bringing together five of the UK’s biggest internet service providers with five social housing providers from across the region, we’ll be able to understand better the challenges behind that belief, as we attempt to tackle digital exclusion within social housing setting.

Andy Burnham, The Mayor of Greater Manchester.
  • What is the pilot?

    Vodafone UK have supplied free SIM cards to Southway residents to help people stay connected with family, friends, public services, education and other services online. The SIMs will begin to be distributed in October 2022 as part of Vodafone's everyone.connected campaign to tackle digital exclusion. 

  • What is the offer?

    The SIM cards will work in a mobile phone, tablet or dongle and provide 20GB of free mobile data (i.e access to the Internet) per month, as well as free calls and texts.

    Don’t have a mobile phone? Don’t worry! We are offering MiFi devices to tenants who need them as a result of not having a phone.

  • How to claim your FREE SIM deal

     If you are interested in receiving a free SIM please let us know by completing the Request Form below. 

    Alternatively, you can let us know by calling 0161 448 4200 and asking for a referral for a free SIM card to be sent to the Digital Inclusion Officers, Joe and Essie.

    Claim your free SIM here

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  • What happens when the 6 months end?

    Continued support after your first 6 months with your FREE everyone.connected SIM

    Vodafone are committed to keeping everyone connect, once the six month of free data, calls and texts ends, they have two great plans for you to choose from if you wish to continue:

    You’ll automatically move to standard Pay as you go 1 plan, which costs £1 a day to use your phone, and nothing on the days you don’t.

    If you need a bit more data or use your phone more than five times a month, opt for the half price Big Value Bundle 10, for £5 a month.

For more information about the scheme or the other digital inclusion support we can offer, visit our Computers & Digital Support page or Contact us.

Please note: Due to Christmas closures there will be delays in receiving SIMs that are requested from 22/12/2022.