The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has understandably caused a lot of anxiety, with many of us worried about the future. We want to reassure all of our tenants that, whatever your situation, we’re here to help. 

Southway’s Advice Team has been working harder than ever from home to continue providing support and guidance on a number of financial issues, including; debt, bills, budgeting, rent and benefits. 

The team have also been contacting all tenants who have recently used the service, to check in and see if they need any support.

One tenant, Annette, was in tears when she received her call from Dianne Graham, one of our advisers. Annette had previously contacted Dianne for help with managing her finances and has long-standing mental health issues.

The lockdown measures put in place because of coronavirus were causing her a great deal of stress and negatively impacting her health.

"I was scared and felt very alone."

Annette, Southway Tenant

Dianne spoke on the phone with Annette for several hours, not only offering advice but also providing a sympathetic ear for her to talk through her feelings and fears. By the end of the call, the two were laughing together and Annette said her anxiety had been eased.

Annette contacted Dianne the next day, calling her a “blessing”: 

"You were patient, kind and helpful with my concerns about bills and debts and calmed me down when I got upset, considering my mental health. You’re a star and a great asset to Southway. Thank you.”

Here to help

If you, like Annette, are worried about the ongoing pandemic and its impact on your health, employment, financial situation or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Advice Team are here to help and can be contacted here or by emailing

Don’t suffer in silence; contact us to find out how we can help.

 Tenant's name has been changed.