We are very excited for the launch of Drag Yourself Out, a 6-week programme for gay, bisexual and transgender men aged 65+ in Greater Manchester.

Drag Yourself Out was developed by the Community Navigator Service for Men Over 65, a project led by Southway Housing Trust, the Ambition for Ageing project and Pride in Ageing at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester. The Community Navigator Service aims to increase opportunities for older people to socialise and live independently, with the ultimate aim of creating making Manchester an age friendly city.

The project came to fruition after discussions with a focus group of gay, bisexual and transgender men aged 65+ and living in Greater Manchester. Many of the men shared the feeling that there were fewer opportunities for older men in the LGBT community to meet their peers, socialise and make meaningful connections, leaving them feeling isolated and disenfranchised. The focus group identified Drag as a medium that gave them a voice, allowing them to convey their experiences and highlight social issues that affect them.

Over six weekly workshops, participants of Drag Yourself Out will develop a Drag persona that displays their experiences as older members of the LGBT community. The workshops will be led by Manchester-based Drag Queen Cheddar Gorgeous and some fabulous surprise guests will make an appearance along the way.

The first workshop takes place this Monday, 2nd March and is open to all men living in Greater Manchester who are aged 65+ and identify as gay, trans or bisexual. You don’t need to have any experience of drag – or even need to dress up! – as the aim of the project is to help you to reinterpret and re-present your individual identity and experiences. We cannot wait to see the fantastic personas Drag Yourself Out will create.

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