Black History Month 2021 competition winners

In October 2021, we held a competition to celebrate the diverse heritages and cultures that we have in our own communities. You submitted entries (photos, videos, audio) that show something about your culture and heritage that make you proud to be you. The winners were...

Michelle Brathwaite

Michelle submitted an impressive, well-researched video about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media becoming a trend, and how racial issues persist today despite the decrease in posts on social media. Her video ended with a powerful statement: ‘Our lives are NOT a trend’.

Michelle Brathwaite.jpg

Jean Jones

Jean submitted a heart-warming story about her husband, Joseph Williams, who has served in the Jamaican Army for 30 years and worked at Boots during lockdown to make sure the public could get the supplies they need.

Jean Jones and Jospeh Williams.JPG
Joseph Williams 1.jpg (1)
Joseph Williams 2.jpeg

Thank you so much for your submissions - we can’t wait to see what you submit for our upcoming competition this year! Together, we can challenge prejudice in the fight against racism by celebrating our wonderfully diverse communities.