Southway Housing Trust improve green spaces for local residents in celebration of their 15th birthday

Work commenced on the Burnage Trail in June 2022 by our project partners, and local charity, Groundwork Greater Manchester. Their involvement is funded by the Resilient River Valleys programme which uses nature-based solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change in Manchester’s River valleys and urban green spaces. The Ambition for Ageing program have made this work possible by matching our own funding.

Over the past two and a half years, local green spaces have become even more important to communities. Southway’s Environment Team has worked with Groundwork to enhance the biodiversity of numerous sites to provide a lasting environmental legacy in celebration of Southway’s 15th Birthday. Following consultation with local residents during the summer, Southway staff are completing tree and hedge planting and wildflower meadow management during Winter 2022/23, ready for a new trail map and community activities to take place in Spring 2023.


A celebratory event, inviting those involved in the Burnage trail, was held at Kingsway Crescent to mark Southway’s 15th birthday. Southway, Groundwork and the Burnage Ambition for Ageing Board have supported 17 art and craft events across the Burnage area, including flowerpot painting and willow art making. Well attended by older residents, younger residents, and families alike; all of the workshops have prioritised the use of sustainable materials.

The art pieces produced will feature as part of the age friendly Burnage Trail, in areas such as Green End Road, Kingsway Crescent and Moorcroft Drive. Those who took part in the workshops described them as “really peaceful” and commented that it will be “lovely to see more art round here... murals or colourful walls to brighten things up”.

Attendees of the event were asked why they felt these kinds of initiatives are important. Watch the event video and read the quotes below to see what they said!


“It's extremely important to improve our green spaces, specifically in our urban areas. It has a massive positive impact on our mental health as we can access those spaces and really connect with nature”.

George Coombs, Senior Community Projects Lead, Groundwork Greater Manchester

“I don't think you can underestimate the value of the green space that we have in South Manchester and the impact that the events, community projects and initiatives, that we've carried out on these sites, has had. These spaces are so diverse and beautiful and it's something that as a housing trust, we're really, really proud of and we want to keep delivering these sorts of initiatives”.

Jane Gant, Strategic Director of People & Places, Southway Housing Trust

"It's very important to support environmental issues, it’s something that affects us all. I'm very lucky as I live on this beautiful green. The maintenance of it and the replanting of trees and the planting of shrubs and wildflowers are really important”.

Alison Shortt, Green Inspector volunteer

“There will be further involvement opportunities for the community, and we hope that the trail encourages the building of new networks and friendships, promotes good health and wellbeing, and continues to celebrate local history and art. Once completed we will also look to create ‘Walk the Neighbourhood’ activities from Dahlia House, our new With Care scheme on Burnage Lane”.

Claire Davies, Age Friendly & Tenancy Support Lead, Southway Housing Trust