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Community Involvement

We are committed to involving you in running the housing service and making decisions that affect your home and neighbourhood.  Please make sure you have your say!

Southway has a range of ways in which customers can get involved.

Tenant Board Member
The Board directs Southway's future.  It makes strategic, operational and business decisions.  Anyone joining the Board will receive support and training.
Southway Consultative Group
The Consultative Group is made up of tenant group representatives, a leaseholder, two owner-occupiers, tenants, two local councillors, two Tenant Board Members and Southway staff. The group meets every six weeks to discuss policies and current issues.  It influences decisions
and helps to shape services.
Tenant and Resident Associations
These groups are run by volunteers and they are open to everyone in the area the group covers. Some groups focus only on housing issues while others also get involved in wider community issues affecting everyone. Tenant Groups are a fantastic way for tenants and residents to have a collective voice, arrange social events and build a great community spirit.
Tenant groups usually hold committee meetings every month or two and community meetings twice a year.
Service Improvement Groups
These explore areas of our service – like Repairs, the Home Improvement Programme, Lettings and Anti-Social Behaviour. These groups also comment on policies and help to shape procedures.  The groups meet approximately every other month during the day at Aspen House. For dates of forthcoming meetings please click on the link below.
Resident Audit Panel
This is where a panel of resident auditors visit tenants’ homes to inspect the home improvement works and ensure that the Home Improvement Programme is being delivered to the specified
standards.  Another group of tenant auditors inspect void (empty) properties prior to a new tenant moving in to make sure the property reaches the 'void standard'.  A couple of hours’ initial training is required and then a couple of hours approximately four times a year.
Residents’ Conference
We hold a Residents’ Conference once a year, usually in April, to which all our tenants are invited. There is usually a theme to the event and it provides a great opportunity for us to let you know how we are performing and for you to give us feedback.  Our conferences are usually held on a Saturday morning.
Mystery Shopping Team
Mystery Shoppers are customers who go ‘under cover’ to test our services. This helps to identify where training is needed, highlights where improvements could be made, or confirms that all is well with a service. Anyone interested will be invited to a briefing and will then be asked to take part in the next mystery shopping exercise. Any out of pocket expenses are reimbursed and full support is provided. Interested? Please contact Tina Murphy on 0161 448 4228.
Young People's Forum
We are in the early stages of setting up a Young People's Forum and would like to hear from any young people who would like to join the group and develop a voice for young people living in the Southway area.  Interested?  Please contact Tanya Watts on 0161 448 4303 or email her at
Tenant Scrutiny
We now have a group of tenants scrutinising our services.  The first exercise they are carrying out is to decide if Southway has delivered on the five year promises it made to tenants at the point of transfer.  The group has received training and is in the process of interviewing staff.  A decision will then be made and presented to Southway's Chief Executive and the Chair of the Board.
Early next year the Tenant Scrutiny Panel will choose a service area to scrutinise and will recommned any changes to the Southway Board.
If you would like to scrutinise Southway please contact Maureen Ward on 448 4229.