The safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our highest priority. As such, we will be continuing to deliver key services but in the safest ways possible.

We will continue to update this area as and when new information becomes available:  

  1. Office and Reception

  2. Home visits and repairs

  3. Rent

  4. Financial Advice

  5. Southway's workforce

  6. Pest control

  7. Playgrounds in parks


Office closure

As of 17th March 2020 our offices and reception are closed to the public to make sure the health and safety of tenants and staff is being put first.

You can still access our services using this website, either through your portal account or using our Webchat. 

You can also send us a message through our Facebook or Twitter. Doing so will help to reduce the strain on our customer call centre, which is receiving more calls than usual.

If you have an emergency or are a more vulnerable tenant at this time, you can still call us on 0161 448 4200.


Repairs & Home visits

We are doing our best to maintain service levels but obviously home visits and repairs are affected at this time.

Update 3rd July 2020: we can still only carry out emergency and urgent repairs, with strict social distancing and safety measures in place.

We’re working hard to bring back these non-emergency repairs safely and will be making a further announcement about this in mid-July. From there the service may take a little longer while we deal with the backlog.

Our online repair booking service has been suspended. If you have an emergency repair, please call us on 0161 448 4200 and our Repairs Team will attend. At this time, we cannot make regular repair appointments over the phone.

If you are experiencing symptoms, self-isolating or have visited a country of high risk and require a usually face-to-face service from us, please inform us before any home visit or repair. Please also do not be offended if you are asked additional questions before a visit – it is for everyone’s safety.

All staff who carry out repairs or home visits have been trained on the additional precautionary measures required at this time to ensure your safety, as well as their own.

We would like to remind everyone that all the crucial health information and further reading can be found on the NHS website here.

Note: By law, and for your safety, we must continue to do scheduled gas servicing appointments. Our staff are fully trained and equipped to do these visits safely with their health and your health a priority. 



We know you may be worried about paying rent if you become ill or need to self-isolate.

If you are affected by the Coronavirus and it is making it difficult to pay your rent, please get in touch with us by phone 0161 448 4200 or email - we can help. We will talk things through with you, provide advice and refer you to other services as you may be eligible for support with your rent.

Also know that no one will lose their home if they fall into rent arrears because of coronavirus.

You can also find more information on the help available to you below, and on the Department of Work and Pensions website here.


Financial Advice

We understand that this period of uncertainty is causing disruption to many workplaces and affecting employment. This is, understandably, causing concern about a potential loss of income and how this will affect our finances. If you are worried, please check our Financial Advice page where you can get the latest updates on the situation and support available.

If you need any advice about claiming benefits or where you stand if your earnings have stopped, you can speak to our dedicated Advice Team.

If you email with details about your situation and how you would like to be contacted (by phone or email), the team will contact you as soon as possible to advise you.


Southway's workforce

Following the government's guidelines all staff who can do are now working from home, to minimise any potential spread of the virus. Online and remote working practices have been put in place and this is working very well. 

We are looking to implement more remote and digital versions of our services all of the time.


Pest control

As a result of Covid-19, our pest control contractors at Manchester City Council have had to restrict their service.

If you currently have a pest problem which needs to be addressed, the service is offering treatment packs for home use. These packs contain a milder poison than the professional treatments, but will prove effective until the service can resume or the pests are eradicated, and include health and safety advice.

To request a pack, email with your name, address and a contact telephone number. You will then be sent an advisory leaflet and the terms and conditions of the service, to get an understanding of how to administer the treatment.

Once you accept the terms and conditions, a delivery date for the treatment will be arranged.

Please note: An adult of at least 18 years of age must be available to receive this delivery.


Playgrounds in parks

Our playgrounds are now closed and locked, following government guidance. Playgrounds encourage prolonged and close social contact, which increases the chances of Coronavirus spreading. Thank you for understanding.


As government advice changes we will update you regularly on any other changes to services. We appreciate the patience and cooperation that tenants have shown us at this time. Thank you, and take care.