• What is ASB?

    Southway Housing considers Anti Social Behaviour generally to include:

    • Serious assault
    • Serious harassment
    • Aggressive or abusive behaviour
    • Drug related activity
    • Noise nuisance
    • Vandalism or damage to property
    • Hate Crime; click topic below
    • Domestic abuse; click topic below

    Some behaviour or actions may be affecting you but are not classed as Anti Social Behaviour. However it may still constitute a breach of a tenants tenancy agreement. This includes:

    • Fly Tipping, including the dumping of rubbish. 
    • Untidy Gardens
    • Dog fouling 
    • Car Parking


    We refer to these as Environmental Anti Social Behaviour and deal with these reports slightly differently. Further information can be found by below.
  • Hate Crime

    If antisocial behaviour is motivated by your race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability it is a hate crime.

    We do not tolerate incidents of harassment or hate crime in any form against residents, staff or contractors.  

    If you are the victim of harassment or hate crime, or witness it, you can report it in confidence to Southway.

    When incidents are reported an action plan will be agreed with the victim or witness and action will only be taken that you are happy with and in agreement with.

    We work in partnership with Stop Hate UK. Stop Hate UK are a national organisation that supports people affected by all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination. They provide a 24 hour telephone line that victims can contact to either report incidents or speak in confidence about what is happening.

    The service is available to all people living with Southway’s communities and the contact number is 0800 138 1625.

    Further information on the services that they provide can be found here.

  • Domestic Abuse

    If you’d like to talk to us confidentially about support to tackle Domestic Abuse, click here to let us know.

    We do not tolerate any form of domestic abuse within our properties or neighbourhoods and believes our residents have the right to live free from violence, threats, intimidation and abuse.

    We will prevent, respond to, manage and resolve incidents of domestic abuse. We will provide support to victims, work in partnership with other agencies and where suitable take action against perpetrators. Southway has well trained and competent staff in place to provide an effective service to victims of domestic abuse.

    Reports of domestic abuse that occur in Southway properties will be treated as a priority; responded to quickly and investigated sensitively and thoroughly. Once a report has been received the victim will be contacted within one working day. During the initial investigation a full risk assessment of all victims will be completed. This will determine any vulnerability or safeguarding issues.

    An action plan will be agreed with the victim. In order to do this Southway will identify the victim’s wants and needs and, unless safeguarding issues arise, respect their wishes and decisions.

    All victims will be offered support, where appropriate we will work in partnership with supporting agencies such as Women’s Aid and ManKind, and Manchester city Council’s Domestic Violence unit. If a victim wishes to stay in their current home support will be put in place to assist them. If the victim wishes to move Southway will work closely with partner agencies to assist in securing temporary or alternative accommodation through rehousing.

    Chartered Institute of Housing New Pledge to tackle Domestic Abuse/Violence

    Southway has just signed up to a new pledge to tackle domestic abuse in housing which has been launched by the Chartered Institute of Housing.  The Make a Stand pledge has been developed by CIH in partnership with the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) and Women’s Aid.

    It consists of four commitments which housing organisations can make to support people who live and work in housing who are experiencing domestic abuse. We will keep you updated on our progress with these.

  • Environmental ASB

    Southway’s approach to tackling Environmental Enforcement covers a range of issues including;

    • Car parking problems
    • Green space management
    • Untidy gardens
    • Fly tipping, littering and graffitti

    We take a proportionate response having regard to the nature and seriousness of the Environmental Anti-Social Behaviour being committed, the person or persons engaging in the said conduct and the impact of the behaviour on the complainant(s) and the local community. A strong partnership approach between statutory agencies working together is central to resolving and preventing Environmental Anti-Social Behaviour.

    For more information on how we can help you resolve Environmental ASB you can view our full policy here.

    You can report Environmental ASB here.