Service changes during COVID-19 - November 2020

We have been doing our best to carry out repairs and deliver other services to your home during the pandemic, but with changing government restrictions, and our own staff being affected by Covid-19 and isolation rules, there are a few crucial updates to our services and timescales. We appreciate and thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

As a direct consequence of the Covid situation on service demands and staff absences, the end date of the changes listed has been extended to 31st March 2020

UPDATE: January 2021

Booking a repair

As of January 6th 2021 and in line with new lockdown measures across the UK, our repairs and maintenance service will be restricted to emergency or urgent work*.  All non-essential work will be completed if already underway, but no new or follow on non-essential works will begin and we have now stopped non-urgent backlog repair work until further notice. 

Void work and major works with safety and legal issues will continue, as will external works and gas safety work.

This will be reviewed in mid-February.  

*When you book a repair, it will be put into one of the categories below.
We will aim to complete the repair within the timescales given:

  • Emergency Repairs to be completed within 24 hours; This repair priority will only be used when there is an immediate threat to the health, safety or security of a customer, occupant or property.
  • Urgent Repairs; we will aim to complete these within 20 days, however, we will aim to do the highest priority repairs within 10 days. An urgent repair is classed as something that seriously affects your comfort such as an intermittent leak or isolated failure of electric points or radiators.
  • Non-urgent repairs (low priority); Temporarily suspended
  • Major Works; If deemed urgent we aim to provide an appointment within 20 days of the assessment. Other major works e.g. major plastering works, external works (fencing & gates), painting (excluding mould treatment), brickwork, and paving, will be put into a longer-term schedule of works.
  • Non-urgent follow-on works; Temporarily suspended 
  • Service delay; We have a backlog of routine repairs leftover from the lockdown earlier this year; we will provide updates on timescales when we are able to.

We apologise in advance for any changes that have to be made to your appointments at this time.

Additional service arrangements - Neighbourhood Services

For general housing or tenancy matters (not rent or repairs) that are not resolved on first contact:

Due to the unprecedented demand on our services (combined with staff shortages as a result of lockdown and COVID 19) we are currently prioritising requests for our Neighbourhood Services Team based on urgency.  It therefore may take officers up to 5 working days to respond to your request (this will also apply to email contact.) 

We will continue to try and deal with urgent requests within 24 hours

Urgent requests are generally reporting issues that pose a threat to the health and safety of our customers.

Please be assured that we are keen to resume normal service as soon as possible and are working hard to achieve this. We thank you for your understanding and patience at this difficult time.

Health and Safety when Southway Housing Trust visits your home

To protect yourself and our staff, it is essential that you follow our health and safety guidelines when we visit your home and you will be asked a number of questions before we visit:

Health and Safety - Home visit guidelines

If you do not follow these guidelines, our staff members have been instructed to leave the property.