Positive Parenting

Did you know we can offer free, confidential one-to-one Parenting Support to improve parents’ self-esteem, confidence and skills to encourage positive behaviour in their children?

The aspects of parenting we work on are:

■ Boundaries and consistency

■ Choices and consequences

■ Appropriate behaviours

■ Understanding our children and their needs

■ Meeting children’s milestones in their growing development

Nurturing Programme

■ How to build emotional health and positive relationships between parents and children

■ Demonstrate how to improve parents’ self esteem, confidence and skills to encourage positive behaviour in children

■ Use a problem-solving approach to work with parents

Talking Teens

■ Exploring the importance of parents for teenagers

■ Developing parents’ understanding of teenage development and the influence of brain development on behaviour

■ Developing parents’ understanding of the importance of listening, verbal and non-verbal communication

■ Promoting positive approaches to boundary setting and problem-solving


If you would like our help please contact referrals@southwayhousing.co.uk